Sunday, March 31

Easter - In Pictures

Easter Egg Hunt in town a few days before.  

Every year I get a picture of RR with a basket on his head.
This year was no exception.

Me and my monkey.
He wasn't feeling very well.  You can see it in his eyes.

He found 1!!  

Husband and the boys.  The baby does not pause when cupcakes are involved.  

Egg Dying
I saw the shaving cream tie-dye eggs on Pinetrest, so we decided to to try the non-toxic version and made it with Cool Whip.  It worked out better than I thought it would, and the food coloring was actually a lot easier to wash of TT than I thought it would be.  

Easter Day

Being silly at 6:30am, as we got ready to head to the early Mass.

I can be silly to.

This is also a yearly picture - TT crying while RR holds him.

Such a sad sick baby.

If only he was holding a bible.  I would call him Preacher Teddy.

Heading to brunch.

TT was so afraid of the bunny.  RR on the other hand, he was a good sport.

Their baskets - they didn't get them till after nap time.  

Don't bother me - I have candy.  

He'll glad give up his pacifier, for a ring pop.

Egg Hunt!!!

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