Saturday, January 24


So... something happened with the blog... while I am sitting here thinking about the one thousand and one things I could blog about.... because you know great blog post ideas hit me at 12:30am on the way to the bathroom and not when I have time to sit and put fingers to the keyboard.....

And then I come here and my blog is bland. Plain. Boring. Somewhere along the line... between Jan 15 and today my blog lost it's unique look. My background is missing.

Ehn... it was dated anyhow. And really I need to update my title block picture... we have been a family of 5 for over a year now.

So.... happy Saturday.... off to give the blog a face lift... and maybe along the way all those thoughts for a blog post will come back.

Thursday, January 15

Identity Crisis

TT: Spell your name.
Me: M-O-M
TT: No, tell me spell your name.
Me: Ok, spell your name.
TT: T-H-E-O-D-O-R-E,  Teddy.
Me: No, that's Theodore.
TT: No. I am not Fee-a-dore. I am Teddy.
Me: Yes, Teddy is short for Theodore. You are Theodore W... N....
TT: No. I am Teddy Nadore.

We have this conversation at least once a day. Sometimes two or three times. He is very insistent that he is right and I am wrong. But I will eventually win this one... because we  I am right.... but I will take my time. There is no reasoning with a 3-year old. Everyone knows that.

Monday, January 5

13 Months

ERP is 13 months. He really hasn't grown, physically; since last month. So no need to rehash those details.

But what he has done is grow developmentally. I had thought he would be walking by now, but he isn't. He is taking a few steps here and a few steps there, independently,which is cool. I can tell you TT is not ready for ERP to be walking. He is climbing on everything - the furniture, into the dishwasher, out of the bathtub, up the stairs... you get the idea.

He is totally petrified of the shower. The running shower and being in it, to be specific. He starts crying upon hearing the shower. He notches the screaming up a few degrees upon entering the shower, and once he is done and out he is as calm as a clam, even when sitting right next to a running shower.

He is really starting to need a haircut. It's getting pretty unruly and wild. And his hair is so strange - curly in the back and sides, straight as a pin on the top. Bizarre.

Sorry no photos this month... just a quick little blurb to remember my boy at 13 months.

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