Wednesday, November 30

A How-To: Thanksgiving Guide

Granted it's a little late... but still well worth sharing.

This is Turkey's guide on "How To Cook Thanksgiving".

How to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.  Buy the turkey.  Buy the eggs.  (This is where I got confused reading this, after all it wasn't Easter.)  Buy the cranberry sauce.  Buy the stuffing.  Pre-heat the oven to 150F.  30 minutes to make the turkey.  Make the deviled eggs.  (Oh, so this is what the eggs were for.  When I told him and Husband I wasn't making deviled eggs they balked, so I ended up making them.  Good thing he wrote this to remind me.)  Go to the bathroom.  Make the stuffing.  Put the seasoning on the turkey.  Get what you want to eat on your plate.  Then enjoy.

Monday, November 28


"Or I'll keellll you."

I never claimed this blog was not cheesey or without bad impressions... but it's been so long since I have posted I felt the need to acknowledge that.  And it's not that I don't have anything to post about (my brain is certainly full of ideas), but it's more of less.  Less computer time at home that is.

But don't worry... more to come (shortly) of your favorite Monkey, Turkey and Food Budget and Silent Saturday and all those thinks that make this blog tick.

Monday, November 21

What Goes Around Comes Around

Before Turkey was born I bought the cutest lime green fleece snowsuit, complete with toggle buttons and all from Gymboree.  They didn't have a newborn size, so I bought it a few sizes too big.  (Hey, first time mom what did I know.)  In the end he wore it home from the hospital, rolled sleeves and all.  And then he never wore it again.

But I loved it dearly, so I packed it away into his "keep forever box".

Fast forward 7 plus years and it's the end of October and we're expecting snow, and now I have Monkey who is 8 months old and has no snow suit.  So up to the attic I go and dig through the box and find the lime green fleece snowsuit Turkey ONCE wore.

Granted it was a little small (you couldn't fold the feet and hand covers over), but it fit for the most part.  Problem solved... for now.

Saturday, November 19

Silent(ish) Saturday

(October) Keene Pumpkin Feast
Turkey and I both found 4-leaf-clovers within minutes of each other.

Friday, November 18

Mother's Intuition?

This post was originally typed weeks ago... before the storm, and the sickness and all that jazz... but it's still relevant.

The other night I woke up around 4:30am.  And I mean WOKE up.  I was wide awake.  I laid in bed as still as I could, as to not wake Husband.  But I couldn't stand it any more, I was ready to get up and clean the house or something.  So I decided to use the loo and go make a cup of sleepy time tea.  I had been looking forward to sleeping in till 7 as I had the day off, but it didn't look like that was going to happen.

As I was washing my hands I heard the baby start fussing, so I went in to nurse him.

We sat in the dark in his room and nursed and rocked and nursed some more.  And before I knew it we were both drifting off to sleep, so I laid him down and crawled down the hall and back into my bed.

The next thing I knew it was a little after 7am.  Oh it was wonderful.

When I told Husband this story, he remarked it was "mother's intuition".  Me, I think it was just a lucky break.  What would you call it?

Thursday, November 17

Project Food Budget

This week when I went food shopping I committed the greatest meal-planning sin, and went shopping BEFORE planning my meals and (obviously) before making a shopping list.  That being said I spent nearly $80, again (this seems to be my average lately).  Yesterday we were out and about from the morning through lunch and spent another $22 on snacks and lunches.  Bringing my total this week up to $ 102. Not bad for NOT planning.

Meals this week have been pretty easy: meatless pasta, Husband's chicken noodle soup, eggs and hash, and a pick your own.  Tomorrow night we're having seafood, and it will be whatever is on-sale at the store.  So that will get added to the weekly budget.

Edited: Friday night... $44.40 at the grocery for seafood (crablegs) and k-cups.  So, $148 for the week.

Wednesday, November 16

9 Months and 1 Day

Dear Monkey,

Today you are 9 months and 1 day old.  You are getting to be an "old man" I tell ya'.  Your daddy is so NOT ready for you to be a toddler in the coming months.  He's in denial.  (Your mommy may be as well.)

Earlier today we took your to your well-baby-check-up (say that 5 times fast), and you are HUGE.  OK, maybe not HUGE, but you are tall 30.5" (95%) and skinny 18 lbs. 6 oz (25%).  You are taller and thinner than you big brother at this age.  I wonder how it will be as you both get older.

I guess Ney-Ney had called the doctor and told her we were "starving you", as she recommended upping the amount of solids you eat in a day (while still keeping up all the "wonderful nursing till at least a year").

When we left the doctors we got some quick 9 month pictures done.  Mommy just had to get one of you wearing the same outfit big brother wore for his 9 months pictures.  She is a sap like that.  The photographer thought you would be crawling all over the place - man was she wrong.  You're our little late bloomer, and that's OK.... I'm not ready to baby-proof the house yet.

Then we got you your new car seat, as you are now too big height wise for your infant seat.  While I will miss having a "baby in a bucket" I will enjoy not having to lug that thing around.

Speaking of being too big, you are quickly growing out of your 12 month clothing.  I wasn't planning on having to buy you two winter wardrobes, but you are certainly moving into 18 month clothes rather quickly.

You're favorite things to do these days are play with your big brother, jump in your jump-a-roo, play the monkey piano, your blocks and eating.  You love eating, especially for some one without any teeth.

Your mommy loves you... and I hope the time between now and your first birthday slows down a bit.

And now... what you've been waiting for.... pictures...

Your first time in your carseat.

The last time in this carseat.

Checking out your new carseat.

Sleeping, un-swaddled, with a lovey... this is NEW for you.

Playing with your blocks.

Tuesday, November 15

To Make You Chuckle

Around these parts Turkey is famous for his innocent one-line comments and actions that make us chuckle... I thought I would share a few recent ones to make you smile.

One evening as he was coming down with a cold, I told him I was going to put the humidifier in his room.  He responded in shear panic and horror: "You're going to set my room on fire!!"

I asked him what he wanted to bring to school for cold lunch on the day of his field trip.  "A turkey leg?"  Me: "Um, no".  Him:  "How about a chicken leg?"

One night before bed I asked him what he wanted to read.  He handed me the Oriental Trading Christmas Catalog.  "This would be good" he says.

Sunday, November 13

If I Knew You Were Coming...

... I'd of baked a cake.  Oh wait....

A long time ago, in a not so far away land, Husband was married to someone else; and she had a son from a previous relationship.  When they divorced, she wouldn't let Husband see him anymore; as he wasn't "his son" (not my words).  Husband was devastated by this, he had know this son (Bear we'll call him) since he was tiny; and he was nearly a teenager when they divorced.

Over the years Husband tried to keep in touch, first though Myspace (remember when people actually used that sight); through other family members; and every year on his birthday Husband would call his ex and leave Bear birthday wishes.  Bear's birthday is early November; and during this time of year Husband would get "moody" (to put it nicely)... upset he couldn't see or wish his first son a happy birthday.

This past summer they re-connected on Facebook (I know, I know, who doesn't these days).  But Bear was never on Facebook.  And then the night after my Grandma's wake, while stopping at the grocery store; we ran into Bear.... the rest is history.

Bear (and sometimes his girlfriend too) are becoming a regular addition around the house some weekends.  Turkey adores his "big brother" (although they are of no relation, but it makes him happy to think he has a big brother).  Bear plays with the boys, helps Husband out around the house, comes to little family outings with us, and enjoys sitting around drinking coffee and chatting.

Yesterday Bear turned 17.  And this year, for the first time in many many years Husband was able to call him and talk to him on his birthday.

Today he's over visiting so I took the opportunity to bake a cake (red velvet to be exact).   It's been far too long since I have baked a cake, Turkey prefers the Mrs. Field Giant Cookie cake, and Husband likes brownies. And while I am certainly never going to be a professional baker I am certainly looking forward to having a slice tonight.

Turkey felt the need to get Bear a birthday gift (sour candies to be exact), and took great pride in wrapping his gift.

And used an entire roll (an entire NEW roll) of tape to wrap the gift.

So Happy 17th Birthday Bear... and thank you for making my Husband smile today.

Saturday, November 12

The Pen

Every year, on the first Saturday in November our church has their Christmas Bazaar.  Local crafty people come and peddle their wares in the parish center.  On top of all the vendors the church holds several raffles.  Some are free (like the attendance one), and some you have to buy tickets for.  One of the raffles you have to buy tickets for is the vendor raffle.  All of the vendors raffle off one item.  It's displayed at their table, along side the jar for depositing tickets.

We bought $5 worth of tickets.  Husband and I kept 10 tickets ($2 worth) and gave the rest (15 of them) to Turkey.  He entered into three vendor raffles: a kid prize basket, a fancy $75 wooden pen, and something else silly.

He really wanted the pen.  I mean REALLY wanted it.  The pen was made by Stan Halgas at  He spent days after the bazaar talking about the pen, about how he wanted the pen, wondering when they would pull the tickets.  

Well guess what?  He won the pen.

Showing off his pen.  He was so proud.
Turkey is enamored with his pen.  It "sleeps" next to him in it's wooden box on his night stand.  He carries it around the house and has taken to drawing endless comics and designs for new guns (laser guided plasma gun anyone?)

I'm really glad he won it.  He understands how much it costs (and I would never spend that kind of money on something for him) and is taking really good care of it.  It's teaching to be more responsible, to take better care of things... and it didn't cost me a thing... ok, $3 that went to our church.

Thursday, November 10

Project Food Budget: Week 6

This week has been a bit of a mess timing wise (too much going on outside the home)... this is what I planned for dinners this week:

Sunday – Ham steaks, couscous, salad
Monday – yellow rice, beans and corn, broccoli,
Tuesday – burritos
Wednesday – hot dogs, beans, salad
Thursday – eggs, corn beef hash, toast and fruit salad
Friday – Date night
Saturday – crock pot pork chops, orzo, turnip (still haven't made this from weeks ago, don't worry Meghan once I do I will post the recipe).  

This is what we actually had:

Sunday – Ham steaks, couscous, salad
Monday – we ate my my aunt's house, she made pasta it was yummy!!!
Tuesday – chili dogs and salad
Wednesday – egg salad sandwiches 
Thursday – I bought DH a pizza... he's had a long hard week

And we're still on for:
Friday – Date night
Saturday – crock pot pork chops, orzo, turnip (still haven't made this from weeks ago, don't worry Meghan once I do I will post the recipe).  

I spent $76.96 at the grocery store this week.  Plus another $21.25 for pizza, so that puts me at a little over $100 this week.  Not bad.  And as an added bonus I have lots of meals to fall back on that I have stuff for already.  However I need to get some staples that the grocery store didn't have following the snow storm... so I guess in the end everything will balance out.

Wednesday, November 9

Respect the Turkey

This funny little cartoon has been making the rounds on Facebook for a little while now... I've even posted it to my wall, and personally I think a ghost or witch or something should also be ganging up with the Turkey because I swear they have Christmas stuff out in October.  

Now I will admit I am in the Christmas mode a little.  85% of our shopping for the boys is done, and we're probably about 80% down shopping all together.  And I will admit I pulled the Christmas paper out of the attic this week and stashed it under my bed.  And we DID go to the holiday bazaar at our church today (but it's more a craft fair than anything).  And I did start a holiday folder on my Pintrest today as well... but we have GOT TO RESPECT THE TURKEY.  And I am talking the American Turkey, not the Canadian one that happened last month.  

We have neighbors that have put out Christmas lights (trees and all) already... hhmmm, maybe they never took them down and just started turning them on.  To me this is a little much.

Even Monkey gets exasperated when we walk into Target and get slapped in the face with Christmas displays.  

I want to be able to work on my merry-making in private, in secret, in darkness... just like all those other little joys you do in private.  There are just somethings you don't talk about in public till it's time.  And in this case, it's not time till after Tom Turkey is eaten.  

Gooble, gooble.

This post is dedicated to the people down the street, who as of November 5th have had a Christmas lights display going that would rival Clark Griswald's.

Tuesday, November 8

Things I've Been Meaning to Do (November)

Following the Original Lazy Mom...  I present to you my November list of things I've been meaning to do.

1) Take down AND put away the Halloween decorations.
They were cute and fun BEFORE it snowed.

2. Send out three packages - one to Melissa, another to another Melissa and one to my step-father's parents.  
It's all about the small size flat rate box.

3. Clean out and change over my purse to something new... I certainly have enough to choose from.  Over maybe I'll even get a new purse.  

4. Clean my and Husband's bedroom and re-arrangement for the winter months (read move the king size bed away from the heater so we don't bake in our sleep).

We don't want to look like this you know.

Monday, November 7

The Best Of (Part 5 & 6 of 10)

In case you've missed the first half of the list you can find it here.

I've been debating my #5 on this list for a while now, as this may be something that comes back to bite me in the butt as Monkey gets older.  But here it is anyhow....

drum roll please.... #5 on my list is.....

The pacifier.  And not just any pacifier, the Nuby Natural Touch, Soft-Flex Cherry Shape one to be exact.

Monkey loves this pacifier.  We call it a Nook (as we like to say "Monkey loves nookers, but not hookers.  I know we are a little strange.)  You see Turkey never took a pacifier, ok he did ONCE for about 10 seconds; and with all the studies showing pacifiers helped reduce the rate of SIDS Husband and I were all about finding  a pacifier Monkey would take.  We must have bought a dozen different types and brands of pacifiers before finding these and realizing how much Monkey loved it.  Now mind you, we can only buy these on-line (for way too much money), or drive to one particular Target 40 minutes away to get them.  But like I said he loves this pacifier and takes sucking on his pacifier very seriously.
Chillin' with my mom and his nook.

Out and about with his nook and a book.

Drifting off to sleep at Pumpkin Feast with his nook.

Getting ready for bed with his nook.

Now you will notice in many of these photos Monkey's nook is tethered to him. And this brings me to #6...

drum roll please....

#6 on my top ten list is the Booginhead Pacifier Holder, or as we like to call it in our house the leash (the complete combo is nook-on-a-leash... never leave home without it).  We have several "leashes" as they are great for keeping other items close at hand in the stroller/carrier/carseat, etc.

For example: you can have teething-ring-on-a-leash.

Or my favorite, Sophie-on-a-leash.

What?? Doesn't everyone keep a French rubber giraffe hanging around?

Sunday, November 6

A Fine Line

Turkey is a complex guy.  I've blogged before about his Asperger's diagnosis, his anxiety diagnosis and his ADHD diagnosis.  But the other side of the coin is his intelligence.  His IQ is in the 99.6% and his intelligence level is considered "far superior".

Often times gifted kids are afflicted with Dabrowski's Overexcitabilites (or Supersensativies), called DOE in this blog.  There is a fine line, a very fine line; between many of these characteristics and other "development disabilities" such as ADHD.

There are 5 areas of DOE, psychomotor, sensual, emotional, intellectual and imagination.  Sometimes when Turkey is being, well Turkey, I often wonder if I am watching a DOE or if it really is ADHD.  This is partly why, we have decided to medically treat his anxiety and see what falls into place from there.

The primary sign of this intensity is a surplus of energy. Children with a dominant psychomotor overexcitability are often misdiagnosed with ADHD since characteristics are similar.
·         Rapid speech 
·         Impulsive behavior
·         Competitiveness
·         Compulsive talking
·         Compulsive organizing
·         Nervous habits and tics
·         Preference for fast action and sports
·         Physical expression of emotions
·         Sleeplessness

Turkey "suffers" from 7 out of these 9 characteristics.  He does NOT have a preference for fast action sports (although that may be partly blamed on his flat feet, but he does love wrestling with Husband) and he often lacks physical expression for his emotions (but that's the Asperger's).  The compulsive organizing is new, and it's only in respect to his time.   He is into listing his time and what to do, and when to do it.  It makes you wonder... ADHD or DOE.  Hhhmmmm.

More about the other DOE to come.

TIBMTD Update: October

My list for October was short and TO THE POINT.  And for once, I did it!!!

Pantry cleaned and orgainzed - check!!
Tupperware / table cloth area cleaned and organized - check and check!!!
Fridge - cleaned!!

And as a bonus, I cleaned and purged my pots and pans (but that's because I bought new ones... with cooper bottoms, oooo fancy).

Now who is handing out the brownie points????

Saturday, November 5


Monkey has been under the weather for some time now.  He's been running a low grade fever in the high 90s low 100s for the better part of the month.  At first I decided he just had a normally high body temp, like his daddy... but now I wonder if I was just being a "bad" mommy.

About this time last week he started getting higher fevers, 101 to the 102 range.  I figured he was just coming down with the bug that all of us had had recently.

Then, at about the same time the lights went out, his fever spiked to 103.8F.  That's Murphy's Law isn't it.

I held off on calling the doctor for a few days, monitoring his fever and increasing his Tylenol/Motrin combo per his "little blue book" from the doctors.  It didn't help that we didn't have phone service at the house, and cell calls were limited to 911.

Finally on Wednesday morning, after listening to him coughing something fierce, I decided enough was enough (and Husband was thrilled, being a first time dad he doesn't like the wait and see approach) and called the pediatricians.

His temp was 103.8 (again) when we got there (after having Tylenol an hour before).  The doctor on call gave me two options 1) wait and see and call back if the fever isn't gone in 2 more days (because fevers can run 3 to 5 days) and 2) get a blood panel done.

I went with option 2, because really who needs to wait two more days, pay another $35 co-pay, and spend another 40 minutes driving there.  Plus, I was ready for answers... his color just didn't look good.

We'll I am glad I went with option 2.  His blood panel came back with mixed results (and he was anemic); so the doctor sent us to the hospital for a chest x-ray to rule out (on in depending on how you want to look at it) pneumonia.

Turkey was so worried about his little brother at the hospital and went to the gift shop with Husband and got him a stuffed doggie while Monkey and I took care of business.  The x-ray confirmed he did have pneumonia.   And he was started on antibiotics.

Shortly after we got home from x-rays.
We had a follow-up with another doctor-on-call on Friday, and when she listened to his lungs she could hear the pneumonia.  She hypothesized that the other doctor-on-call  (Dr. C) didn't hear it the other day because he must have been dehydrated from his high fevers (not to self, do not trust Dr. C, be leery of Dr. M).  But Monkey was certainly on the re-bound and gave him the go-ahead to go to swimming this week, but no going under until he is done with his medication.  Yay!!!

Before swimming this morning, acting and looking more like himself.

I must say, for his first illness Monkey certainly went all out.  Why couldn't we have started with a simple cold or ear infection to break daddy in with?

Silent Saturday (The Swim Edition)

Getting ready for his first "swim" lesson ever.
Say "cheese"/

No pictures please.

Turkey's the one in the yellow goggles.

Jumping in.

Friday, November 4

Project: Food Budget

This week my food budget and meal planning skills, strategies, ideas, ambitions, wills and desires have been thrown out the window and ran over by a passing tree truck from Alabama.  This storm really did a number on my planning.  I couldn't tell you what I was planning for meals (this is hard to do with no power) or what my food budget was or what I spent.

I can tell you I spent a LOT on food this week.  Lots of little trips to the store since we had no power.  Bigger trips to the store to get items that spoiled (milk, eggs, creamer, cheese, etc) while we had no power, and too many meals on the run while shuttling Monkey to and fro the doctor's office.

Next week, I vow will be a better week.  I only have room to go up from here (not that I am to blame, OK maybe partly for the Wendy's we had tonight but I really wanted their apple, walnut chicken salad).

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  • With a little help from...

    I'd like to say with a little help from our friends things are getting back to normal in these parts, but really it's with a great deal of help from strangers.

    Driving around these parts lately you encounter tree services and utility trucks from all over; Michigan, Texas (that's a good 30 hour drive), Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, and Missouri to name a few.

    Just earlier today I was cussing out Burford's Tree Service of Anniston, AL; for blocking the ENTIRE road and causing a 30 minute detour home; but when I went out tonight and drove past fleets and fleets of trucks I quickly started to appreciate all these people are doing for us.

    They are helping out local businesses in more than one way; aside from physically helping with the task at hand they are staying in our hotels, eating in our restaurants, paying tolls on our highways, etc.

    I know in times of crisis our locals have gone to lend a hand, whether it's been our fire  fighters or our linemen; we're all here to help on another out... no matter how far away.

    Thursday, November 3

    Timeless Darkness

    My birthday is in mid-December, and having snow on my birthday isn't very typical in these parts.  Sure we'll get the occasional minor snow storm around Thanksgiving, but those are nothing really.

    Don't get me wrong, in these parts come the end of November it feels like winter.  The ground is frozen solid, the sky is bleak, and you can just feel it in your bones.  But that's the end of November; not Halloween or sooner.

    About this time last week, I was pleading to my step-dad above to stop doing his snow dance; that we didn't need a white Halloween.

    He didn't listen.

    Early in the afternoon on October 29th it started snowing.

    Monkey watching the snow fall.
    You can tell he's getting sick in this picture, more to come on that later.

    It was a big fat heavy snow.  And before long it was sticking to everything in site.

    My poor pumpkins.

    Some of Turkey's Halloween decorations.
    By mid afternoon we had resigned to the fact that it was going to snow, and snow and snow some more.  Turkey was thrilled and was out playing in it as quick as I could get the snow gear out of the attic.

    He must have made a dozen snow angles.
    Around dinner time the cable, phone and internet went out.  (Whoever thought of bundle packages for these services should be shot.)  And with that we decided to watch the 3rd Narnia movie: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, once Monkey went to bed.  Husband, Turkey and I were cuddled up on the couch watching, and just as the movie was getting good there was a "pop".  Blackness followed.  

    Until this point I don't think we ever thought it was possible we would loose power during this storm.  After all we had weathered a blizzard, a hurricane and intense thunderstorms with tornado possibilities in this house never once loosing power.   But thankfully earlier in the week Husband had been getting ready for a camping trip with Turkey and had stocked up on batteries and flashlights.  

    That first night we all slept in our own beds; well at least the kids slept some (Monkey was waking nearly every hour).  Husband and I were constantly being awakened by strange sounds coming from outside in the darkness.  It was around this point that the meaning of time was lost.  

    Sometime before dawn Husband and I started looking outside to see what had happened over night.  We were greeted with some 17-inches of snow.

    The tree that just missed Husband's car.

    Our poor patio furniture.

    Our tall pines.

    Turkey climbing the snowy mountain, we call our back yard.

    The noises we were hearing over night were the trees in our woods falling down around us.  We got lucky, a tree fell on our neighbor's house (and they left in the middle of the night), and another large branch fell just inches from Husband's car.  When you opened the door, you were greeted with a strong pine scent from all the fall trees and branches.

    Once Monkey was down for his nap, Husband, Turkey and I made quick work of getting our car out in-case there was an emergency.

    The hours and days that followed were a loss; and right now seem a blurry memory.  

    • went for a drive to assess the situation
    • waited in line for 40 (ok 50) minutes to get gas (learned a lesson on that one)
    • ate tuna sandwiches for dinner by candle light
    • all slept in the big bedroom, which always stays warm (Turkey has a new love for his grandpa's sleeping bag)
    • watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid on the laptop (while praying the battery lasted)
    • went to bed when it got dark
    • laid in bed waiting for the sunrise, wondering what time it was
    • tried to make cell calls, but the cell towers were down
    • visited relatives who actually had power AND cable AND internet (lucky them)
    • stopped by our church
    • play Left-Right-Center by flashlight
    • read lots of books by daylight (I can't believe I waited so long to share Eloise with Turkey)
      and the list goes on and on.
    Some time, in the middle of the night in the blackness, on Halloween morning we heard a utility truck working on the pole outside the bedroom window.  Husband and I lay there in the dark, half expecting the lights to come on suddenly, trying not to get our hopes up.

    Then around dawn it came: "We have power" Husband stated.  And we did.  All of the lights and gadgets we had left on back on Saturday night came whizzing back to life.  

    We were lucky.  Very lucky, we got power back before many of our friends and family and even neighbors.  It is nearly 5 days later and some of our friends still don't have power.  In fact my work is still without it.  Unfortunately we didn't get phone, cable and internet back until last night; so we were not able to share our good fortune with everyone and offer them a warm place to stay.  (Cell service was reduced to 911 calls only for a few days as well.)

    Turkey was anxious to go trick or treating with the kids up the street, but after a few houses we received word that trick or treating was cancelled.

    The boys and the neighbor's being goofy.

    But this was only the first half of our adventure this week.....

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