Friday, November 4

With a little help from...

I'd like to say with a little help from our friends things are getting back to normal in these parts, but really it's with a great deal of help from strangers.

Driving around these parts lately you encounter tree services and utility trucks from all over; Michigan, Texas (that's a good 30 hour drive), Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, and Missouri to name a few.

Just earlier today I was cussing out Burford's Tree Service of Anniston, AL; for blocking the ENTIRE road and causing a 30 minute detour home; but when I went out tonight and drove past fleets and fleets of trucks I quickly started to appreciate all these people are doing for us.

They are helping out local businesses in more than one way; aside from physically helping with the task at hand they are staying in our hotels, eating in our restaurants, paying tolls on our highways, etc.

I know in times of crisis our locals have gone to lend a hand, whether it's been our fire  fighters or our linemen; we're all here to help on another out... no matter how far away.


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