Thursday, February 21

At Two

Here we are... February 21, 2012.  TT is 2 years and 6 days old.  Time has flown by.

He had his annual physical this morning and he's growing big and strong.  He's.... wait for it..... wait for it...

38.5-inches tall and 33 lbs. and 6 oz.

So to those of you who have told me he's the size of a 4 year old, I say "ha!!!".  The average 4-year old boy is 40-inches tall and 40-lbs.  Sure he might be the size of some 4-years, but not the average one.  I know, you say tomato I say tomat-oh.  I will agree that he is the size of your average 3-year old.  In fact he's almost exactly the same size at two that RR was at three.

But physical growth aside; TT is changing so much every day.  He is less and less a baby and more and more a toddler.  Some days it is very obvious that he has entered the terrible-twos.

He is very strong willed and fiercely independent.  His speech is coming along which is wonderful.  We couldn't be happier with how this skill is finally blooming.  His speech therapist is really committed and connects well with him; which I think greatly helps.

Right now his favorite toys are Imaginex guys and their vehicles/houses; trains; his shopping cart, trains, cars, his trampoline, and did I mention trains.  TT is a total train head.  He also deeply loves his stuffed puppy, muscial seahorse, Baby Dee, and stuffed Goofey.

He is currently teething his incisors  all four seem to be coming in at once.  Which is typical for TT.

He still refuses to sleep anywhere but in his crib.  We (Husband and I) are not ready to switch him over to a toddler bed, but we know the time is knocking on our door.

He is climbing stairs on his own, getting onto the furniture and he loves, I mean LOVES, going down the slide.

His favorite food is probably a tie between meatballs, apples, bananas, cheese and sausage.  Actually he loves all food; expect green beans and peas.  He used to like peas... oh well.  And yup, still breastfeeding.

Sleep has been wonderful lately, but I have heard this is this thing called "2 year sleep regression".  I'm keeping my fingers crossed we don't go through this.

And lastly, on my little TT update; he is in LOVE, super EXTRA insane LOVE, with wearing things on his head - blankets, hat (Husband's Red Sox one in particular), buckets, bowls, baskets, toys... to him anything is a hat.

Tuesday, February 19

Interview at 9 Years

Me: How old are you?
RR: 9

Me: What is your favorite subject in school?
RR: Math

Me: What is least favorite subject in school?
RR: Spelling

Me: What is your favorite color?
RR: Blue

Me: What happened to red?
RR: Changed it when I was 5.  I've liked blue for a long time.  Fact blue has always been one of my favorite colors.

Me: What is your favorite school lunch?
RR: Yogurt Parfait.  That's a tough one, the runner up is hot dog.

Me: What is your favorite dinner at home?
RR: Hot dogs.

Me: What is your favorite vegetable?
RR: That's a hard one.  Carrots.

Me: What's your favorite movie?
RR: I'll have to think about this.  Can we come back to it?

Me: What's your favorite video game?
RR: Terraria.

Me: What's your favorite book?  Let me guess, Spiderwick?
RR: My Myths and Legends book, the one TT got me for Christmas.  Surprise.

Me: What is your favorite thing to do outside?
RR: Play with my friends.

Me: Do you have any best-friends?
RR: Quit a few actually.  Would you like me to name them?  Aidan, Brandon, Ethan and that's about it.

Me: What do you think about girls?
RR: Despise.

Me: Is that why you won't kiss your mother?
RR: One you have cooties and two yes.

Delete that delete that.... it's so embarrassing.

Me: What's your favorite holiday?
RR: Christmas.
Me: Why?
RR: Because you get presents and candy.  It's like Valentines and Easter mixed together.

Me: How much do like Cub Scouts?
RR: Alot.
Me: How far are you going to go?
RR: Past Weblos, maybe past Boy Scouts.

Me: Anything you want to add?
RR: No

Me: Oh we have to come back to your favorite movie.
RR: Spiderwick.  I can't believe that I forgot.

Me: Oh hey, what is your favorite song?
RR: Enderborn.
Me:  What????

Saturday, February 16

Silent Saturday

Sometimes it's the little things in life.  Like purging and sorting your Tupperware containers.

Friday, February 15

Nursing in 2s

It has been quiet a journey, this breastfeeding experience....

At 2 hours old, it is 12:40am on Wednesday February 16, 2011; nursing you is a rush of new, yet familiar feelings.  There is a sense of great relief and encouragement that you were able to latch on right away.  You are warm and smell of new baby.  I feel your skin against mine and hold you tightly.  I am excited about your birth and so pleased to finally meet you.  I am hopeful that we will have a long and lasting nursing relationship.  Sleep is one of the furthest things from my mind.

At 2 days old, on Thursday; we are discharged from the hospital.  You're bilirubin levels are elevated, but we are sent home anyways as nursing is going well and the doctors seem confident they will continue to go down as you are nursing so well.  Little did we know I would faced with a delay in lactogensis II and you would end up back in the hospital on day 3.  But day 2 is of no worries.  We snuggle, we cuddle, and we nurse and nurse and nurse some more.  You and I are learning about each other.  I am experimenting with various nursing positions learning what you like (and don't like).  We spend a lot of time laying on the couch and in the bed.

At 2 months old; it is April 15; and we are hitting our stride with nursing.  I am developing an oversupply and we are working on the best way to combat that; eventually settling on 4 to 6 hour nursing blocks.  I am starting to get worried about going back to work in another month, but confident about my ability to pump breastmilk for you because I have been pumping at home (ever since that jaundice experience) and I know the pumping is making the oversupply worse, but I so want to reach the 6 month breastfeeding mark with you.  I am starting to feel confident we will make it to that mini-goal.  You cluster nurse for hours on end in the early evening.  You also love to nurse lazily over time and it takes upwards of an hour to nurse you before bed time.  I feel like I am missing out on time with your dad and brother; but I know this is just a phase and it will pass.

At 2 years; on February 15, 2013; I am wondering how we got here.  Don't get me wrong I know how we got here, one day at a time.  I am in awe of our ability to have nursed for 2 years.  Nursing you now is typically short 5 to 10 minutes at a time and you like to switch sides frequently, especially at bedtime and this drives me nutty.  You like for me to name-off body parts for you to point to while you nurse.  You giggle when we do "nose".  You call nursing "boobies".  I often wish I picked a different name for nursing.  Sometimes I wonder if I will ever nurse another child as long as you.  I think about how we are slowly weaning and following your lead.  I feel a little sad and a little liberated when I think about the time we'll no longer be nursing.  You insist that I hold my breast while you nurse.  You get mad if I don't.  I get lost staring in yours eyes while you nurse; and my heart overflows... often times I fight back tears of joy.

Monday, February 11

Holiday vs. Snow Day

I've decided that snow days are more of a holiday than actual holidays are.  I always thought the idea of holidays was to relax and enjoy your family without having to work too much.  But that never seems to work out.  Now snow days on the other hand, those are perfect.

There are no gifts to buy, no gifts to wrap, no meals to plan, no chocolate bunnies or eggs, no costumes (unless you want to count staying in PJs all day), no fireworks (unless you are my neighbors), no place to go, no timeline to follow, Mass is canceled due to the weather so no guilt if you aren't able to make it.

Snow days are like holidays; but without all the "have to", "want to", or "need to".  It's just a day to be.  To catch up on laundry or your favorite TV show, to play a hand of cards with the ones you love, to built snow forts and train layouts, to take a nap, or bake a cake for the fun of it.

Snow days are a day to breath.

Sunday, February 10

Chocolate & Green Eyed Monsters

Way back in January, on the 31st; we went out for our annual RR birthday dinner with his Ney-Ney (grandma) and his Nana (his great grandma).  As is tradition dinner was at a place of his choosing.  Last year we spent a small fortune at Outback, so call me tickled pink (in the wallet at least) when he chose to go to Golden Corral.  Personally I am not a huge fan of buffet restaurants, but when I heard kids under 12 were on special for $2.99 and under 4 was free I was pretty pleased with his choice.

And if you are wondering why he picked this place; that he has never been to, it is because of the chocolate fountain they advertised.

For a Thursday evening the place was packed.  Apparently every other parent had also heard about their kids being able to eat all they can for less than $3.  Aside from that it was a wonderful evening.  90-something year old Nana was walking with just a cane and managed to eat more than everyone else combined, expect RR.  Since it was his birthday I let him go to town, and did he eat; and did he ever enjoy that chocolate fountain.  I will admit, it was pretty darn good.  It didn't have the cheap chocolate taste I was expecting.

Oh yes, and they had cotton candy too.  Trust me, he ate real food including fruits and veggies before all of the junk food.  And yes, he did have a stomach ache from all of the sweets - some lessons you need to learn the hard way in my opinion.  

After we ate the presents came out.  And the strangest thing happened to TT's eyes.  They went from a wonderful shade of hazel to green.  That's right TT turned into the Green-Eyed Monster.  Apparently he learned what presents were over Christmas time; and he did not like his brother getting gifts and him not getting anything.  

Oh the tears.  He cried and cried and cried.  Then he tried to take off with RR's new scooter.  I have never seen a child of mine get so jealous.  I guess that's what happens when you have an only child for 7 years.  

And one last thought.... see that picture above?  Every year I take a picture of him with his grandmas.  I think next year I need to actually be in the shot.  To remind him of ALL the leading ladies in his life, before he discovers girls.  

Saturday, February 9

Silent Saturday

Ray setting the yard stick with me yesterday.  It just started to snow around 10:30am.

Bunny prints in the snow?  This was around 6pm.

Staring into the night sky.

Around 7pm.  About 2.5".  It wasn't really snowing then.

By 9pm it was up to around 5".

Winter night.

A view of the yardstick from the 2nd floor window this morning.  It really snowed heavy overnight.

TT not to sure what to make of it.

RR just dug right in.  He was clearing a play area for his brother.

Watching his brother shovel.

Just about 22".  Husband thinks it's more since our yard is tree covered.  

Diving head first in.

Love that smile.

Testing another spot in the yard.  This is closer to 23".

He LOVES the snow.  Like I mean LOVES the snow.



Our mailbox.  They are a good 4-ft off the ground normally.

A view of Husband and TT from the driveway.

Up the street.

There is a PT Cruiser under there.  Some where.

Husband measured 34" snow drifts in the driveway.

More playing.

Thinking about eating it.

The backyard.

Those are some really tall snow covered pines.

So pretty. (When you don't have to go anywhere.)

Snow mound in the driveway.  I'm betting it'll be there in April still.

Friday, February 8

Whatcha Readin'

Apparently last Saturday was "Take Your Kid to the Library Day".  No, really it was.  That really is a national "holiday".  And it really was last Saturday.

I had no idea.

Not until later that day when Husband told me about it.  Bummer our library didn't do anything fun to mark the day; but it was crowded anyhow.

Anyhow, I digress.  I dropped Husband off at urgent care, because he starting coughing up blood which is never a good sign; and the boys and I went and hung out at the library.  I got the cutest picture of them using the library computer together on my phone, but I have no idea how to get pictures off my phone so I won't be sharing it.

The books RR picks out always amaze me.  He has the most eclectic taste in books sometimes.  Currently on his Kindle he's reading the bible in a comic book form, The Children of Nox series (book 2, The Kiss), and some sort of Christmas story.  So I shouldn't have been surprised by his library selection: Ripley's Believe it or Not, Enter if you Dare - a book about Count Dracula - a book about evolution and the first Spiderwick book.  Have I mentioned Spiderwick has been an obsession for the last 5 months or so?

Yup, he has some interesting taste.

Sunday, February 3

Scout Sunday

Today is Scout Sunday.  And in the tradition of our Parish, which is also the Charter Organization for our Bub Scout - Boy Scout - Venture Crew; boys who have completed the requirements for their religious emblem program are given their awards.

Last year, as a boy not yet receiving his First Communion, RR was eligible to earn and did receive his Light of Christ medal.

This year (and technically next year; although it can only be earned once) he was eligible to earn his Parvuli Dei emblem - which he did.

To get the medals the boys must complete a work-book and preform some charitable activities which better examine their faith.   The books are then certified by the Pack Master and Parish Priest.

Anyhow; there we were at Mass this morning.  RR was on his best behavior, was in the color guard, and sat with the other scouts.

TT on the other hand was a total handful.  Usually when I take him to Mass I take him to the children's services with RR, but since RR wasn't attending the children's services we didn't either.  For the record I don't think mine of Husband's backs will ever be the same again.  That kid is getting heavy.

When Mass was over the boys were given their awards; and then TT decided to crash the party.  Running up to the front of the Church yelling "Ray Ray".  

Thankfully everyone in church is of good humor and they made a joke about it.  

We celebrated afterwards with a trip to the pastry shop (not that TT deserved anything based on his behavior, but I think he's still a little young to understand that concept.)

RR had a strawberry-surprise  TT had a cupcake.  Me I had a bismark... I totally deserved something (and it was too early to start drinking).  

Saturday, February 2

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