Wednesday, July 31

9.5 Years... an Interview

RR at 9.5 years.

Height: 57.5"
Weight: 92 lbs.
Shoe Size: Adults 6/7

Favorite Food: Bacon

Favorite Drink: Milkshake, vanilla

Favorite TV Show:World of  Quest

Favorite Book: I am Wolf

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Video Game: A tie between MineCraft and Wizard 101

Favorite Sport: Swimming

Favorite Outside Activity: Swimming

Hobbies: drawing, video games, playing Monopoly, chess, playing rummy, building with Legos, play with my brother, do belly boops, maing up silly costumes, building things with wood

What do you want to do when you grow up: uuhhhh... don't know

So strange...

The strangest thing happened last night.

I found myself in the kitchen cooking dinner and setting the table - ALONE.

This never happens.

But it did.

TT was watching Mickey Mouse with Husband in the office.  RR was drawing pictures in the other room.  And there I was in the kitchen, alone.

And it was quiet.  I think that's what did it for me, the quiet.  Normally dinner time is a bustle of activity.  Husband helping cooking, RR setting the table, TT stealing the plates or bits and bite of dinner and running around yelling.

It was strangely calm and serene and for a moment I pictured myself sipping a glass of a nice red wine... then I remembered I was pregnant and was whisked back into reality.

Thursday, July 18


... and yet another post about TT and food, because we lead such mundane lives sometimes....

14.  That is the number of chicken nuggets TT can eat for dinner.

And a bite of carrots.
And a nibble of rice.

And AFTER eating about an 1/8 of a (whole) watermelon about 30 minutes before dinner.

Take note people.  This kid can eat.  A

Monday, July 15

Creamed Cucumbers

One of TT's most favorite favorite foods is creamed cucumbers.

Until last summer I had never had them before, but my aunt served them to us with dinner one night and my boys were all over them.

They are by far one of the easiest things to make.  You just thin out ranch dressing with a little bit of milk and add chopped cucumbers and chill.

It was one of those those things that I just thought "why haven't I thought of this before?".

And now that summer is here and cucumbers are all around we have it at least one night a week.

TT would probably eat them with every meal if he could.

You see that cucumber in the for ground... TT tried dipping it, but it just wasn't as good.

Sunday, July 14

8 Weeks

When you're pregnant; and need to wear oh so lovely maternity clothes; the difference of 8 weeks between pregnancy time lines makes all the difference in the world.

TT was due 2/16.  Newbie is due 12/11.  So roughly 8 weeks different on the calendar; but a world of difference clothing wise.

I didn't get rid of any of maternity clothes from TT; and it is very clear that I do not have the appropriate clothing for this hot and humid and all around nasty weather.  I picked up a few pairs of maternity shorts, and I got a swim suit and a couple of dresses for work and church; but I still find myself seriously lacking in the summer maternity wardrobe department.

I've poked around a few stores, but I refuse to pain $24 for a pair of shorts that I am going to wear for 2 more months and then never wear again.  And that's $24 marked down from $40.  Really does the extra fabric really cost that much money.

Sigh, perhaps I just need to start wearing moo-moos.

Sunday, July 7

Sad Clown

You see that face?

That's the face of a 2 year old that refused to nap (he normally naps for 3 hours); and then played hard, hung out in the basement during a tornado watch, played on the porch in the rain and then proceeded to finger paint... and then... and then.... realizes he really should have napped.

Quick bath, full of kicking and screaming, wrestling to get dried and ready for bed, and then he fell asleep while nursing.

Such a tired little guy.

Naming Baby

Husband and I have been searching high and low for a BOY name for newbie.  We've agreed on a girl name... but boy name... ugh so hard.

You see, we have rules for naming baby... ok, they are mostly my rules, but rules none the less.

1) No names in the top 100, preferably top 200.  Do you have any idea how many Kate, Katie, Cathy, Kathy, and Kathryn-s I graduated with?

2) No names that have a "unique spelling".  Do you know how many times I have to correct the spelling of Husband's name on forms?  I can only assume he's had this issue all his life.

3) No R names.  No T names.

4) The name must have a good solid meaning.  R's name means "wise protector".  T's name means "gift from God."

5) Name must fit well with R and T's names.  We can't have two classically named boys and then say "Moonbeam".

6) Must fit well with are already chosen middle name; Ronald.

7) Must be a name that doesn't cause Husband to play the name-association-game. Don't get me started on this one.

So you can see... naming baby BOY is not easy.

Thursday, July 4

Happy 4th!!!

Banana splits followed by playing outside in the water to clean up the mess.

TT was so excited about the ice cream, he kept running around the table screaming "oh boy".

The big guy was pretty excited as ell.

Trust me, there are bananas in there.

His best vampire look.

Good to the last drop.

The "O" face.


And a little splash!!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!

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