Thursday, January 7

ERP Turns Two

Ok, so ERP has been two for well over a month now... but hey cut a girl some slack.

Last night I was nursing ERP before I headed off to sleep. We were laying in bed, and he's got his key-keys (pacifiers to the rest of us) and he's nursing and playing with his key-keys and it occurs to me that I never wrote ERP's two year blog post. Forget two year blog post... I haven't blogged in months.

So I lay there looking at my little guy, in the blue-green-purple glow of the bedroom, thanks for the light-up pillow pet he got for his birthday (thanks Lori). His hair is soft and fuzzy. I love his hair, those fine baby curls; that smell like vanilla cookies thanks to a leave in de-tangler we found that actually works. But his hair is the worst part about bed-sharing with him. His hair is so fine it tickles your face and nose when snuggling up to him. So we're nursing away, and I'm trying not to sneeze from a cold I have and the tickles on my nose... and he's playing with those key-keys. He LOVES key-keys. He is taking them on an off his fingers, wearing them like a some-how-sweet-baby-version of Edward Scissorhands "rings". When we nurse, he insists that I hold my breast for him. This makes sleeping and nursing very difficult. He also likes mommy to be modest and the breast we are not nursing on needs to be tucked away.

When we are done nursing he often asks to go back to his crib. He reaches his little arm and gestures to his crib, which is still in our bedroom.

At two, he is a very little guy; smaller than his older brothers were at one year. But he is strong, incredibly strong. And he doesn't let his size slow him down. He is always ready to jump in and get into the mix with his brothers. But he also uses his size to his advantage. ERP feels it is his place to be right next to me. If I am snuggling with one of his brothers, he can manage to wedge himself firmly between us. He sees it as his place.

His favorite thing is to do whatever his brothers are doing. If they play video games, he holds a controller. If they are sitting drawing or coloring, he is sitting and drawing and coloring.

Every morning, after he nurses; he needs his snuggle times with daddy and they watch "shows" (this is what ERP calls them) on YouTube on daddy's tablet. He loves watching those silly surprise "eggy" videos. Don't know what surprise eggs are? Go ahead and google it.... these are a thing.

He's been in speech therapy for about six months now. His speech is coming along. Saying "nooooo" is one of his favorite games.

ERP still hates baths and showers. Last night I had told TT that he was going for a shower once I had ERP in bed, then I told ERP it was time for bed. ERP promply started going upstairs, crying hysterically. It was like dead man walking. We get to the top of the stairs and instead of left, he turns right, heads into the bathroom (still crying) and proceeds to try and climb into the tub. As soon as I told him he wasn't taking a shower, he stopped crying and happily went off to bed.

ERP had been night weaned and had started sleeping through the night (finally). But then he got sick, and we started nursing overnight again - I didn't want him getting dehydrated or loosing weight. At a year old he was a little over 21 lbs.; and falling off his (the) weight curve. So now we're back to night nursing but his reflux meds help so much he can get a solid six hours in and doesn't cry and scream and arch his bed when he wakes up.

And that's it for now... here's a teaser picture from him birthday party last month.

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