Saturday, September 28

Sunday, September 22

Town Fair

Our town fair was this weekend and we've attended for the last few years.  We love going and checking out all of the local businesses, Ray always makes a few crafts and enters them at the exhibit hall, the boys had fun playing games, looking at animals and of course going on rides.

Me and TT on the Merry Go Round

He had to settle for the firetruck since all of the motorcycles where taken.

This was his favorite, he went on it a few times.

Strawberry / pineapple whip.  YUM!!

Three pumpkin heads.

RR actually enjoyed this ride.  His friends had already been on it twice.

They were really excited about this.


Oh yeah....

RR's is the pillow case.

A photo of a seagull he took at the beach.

Sorry for the upside down photo - it's his lunch box
 presentation showing a balanced meal and daily lunch plain.

Decorated cake.  This is the first year he tried his hand at this.  He did great.

A tool box he made.  Also the first time he tried this craft area.

A water color painting (tree at night) that he did in school.

TT playing 4H ring toss.

RR trying his hand at hockey.

TT with Daddy's help trying out hockey.

Looking for chicks and eggs.

Big boys checking out the "chicks".

Sunday, September 8


I have never had a picky child.

OK, I only have two kids; so I guess I don't have much to go off of here.  But RR was always a good eater.  Sure he went through the phase of not eating "white" food - potatoes, rice, white bread, etc.  And there are certain things at certain meals he will not eating, but certainly not what I would call a picky eater.

TT on the other hand is working on becoming a picky eater.  As of lately he has decided he doesn't eat meat anymore.  Considering that meatballs and sausage were his favorite foods 3 months ago this is a big change.  It has been about 2 weeks since TT has eaten meat - aside from the stray chicken McNugget (and no he will not eat chicken nuggets at the house).  He has turned his nose up at every form of meat possible in the last 2 weeks - meats he used to LOVE, meats most 2 years old LOVE.

I tried to get him to eat sausage twice in the last 2 weeks - once at home and once when we went to breakfast yesterday.  No dice.  He used to eat 5 or 6 sausages at a time.  I couldn't even disguise it in a pancake with maple slurp.

He will not eat steak.  Even with A1.  He'll dip his veggies in the A1, but will not touch the steak.

No fish.

No chicken of any sort.

He will not even eat hot dogs.

He picks pepperoni and hamburger off pizza and hands it to you saying "kakaa".

Tomorrow will be the ultimate test - spaghetti meatballs for dinner.

And if that's a no go I think I will have the first two year old ever with a self imposed vegetarian diet.

Thankfully he still eats other foods and lives for "toast" (wheat bread toasted and slathered with peanut butter).  And he did eat 3 hard-boiled eggs (along with 2 apples, a pastry and a banana) for breakfast so there is no lack of protein in his diet... or food for that matter.

Sunday, September 1


Yesterday The Big Boy had the most brilliant idea.  He called it Stuffed Animal Utility Suit, SAUS for short.

Basically he took a pair of footed pajamas and stuffed it with a blanket and used a stuffed animal for the head.  It was like a soft and squishy scarecrow made out of bedding.

He had made his first and then he made one of his little brother.  The Little Guy was totally in love with it.  The boys must have played for a good hour or more with them.  If I tried to go and take a picture and the Little Guy noticed me, he gave me the stink eye.

Unless of course he needed me to reattach the head or add a hat for him.  Then it was OK.

It was awesome how well they played with these, and for so long.  There was no serious rough housing, no one was crying, no complaining.  Just playing.

They both loved them so much that they rebuilt them today and took them on a car ride with us.  Good thing we have a van as they both insisted their SAUS needed it's own seat.  Thank you, thank you RR for coming up with such a clever and mess free toy/game to keep you and your brother happy.  You really are an awesome big brother.

Winder about the blue lips on the Little Guy... right before SAUS were made he had been coloring with blue markers.  

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