Sunday, May 8

Twelve Year Interview

Me: What is your favorite color?
RR: black slash blue

Me: What is your favorite food?
RR: Fried chicken
Me: Friend chicken?
RR: Yeah, I like Fried Chicken.

Me: What is your favorite book?
RR: ummmm... Ice Fang.

Me: What is your favorite TV show?
RR; Your Mom.
Me: What's your real favorite TV show?
RR: YouTube
Me: What on YouTube:
RR: I like a particular YouTuber, but it's not a show. Can I answer this with my favorite YouTube? That or nothing since we don't have cable.
Me: We have Netflix.
RR: I don't care.

Me: What is your favorite subject in school?
RR: Poop
Me: What's your real favorite subject.
RR: Math

Me: What is your favorite video game? PICK ONE.
RR: Pick?
Me: ?
RR: Oh... chose one.
RR: Counter-strike Global Offensive

Me: Who are your best friends?
RR; Kenneth, Trevor, Billy Maze and Anthony Sullivan... then he starts a Billy Maze impression

Me: What is your favorite thing to do with TT?
RR: Poop
Me: No really.
RR: I don't know... wrestling.

Me: What is your favorite thing to do with ERP?
RR: Tickles.

Me: What is your favorite thing to do with me and daddy?
RR: Poop.
Me: Try again.
RR: 360 no scrubs
Me: Try again.
RR: watch TV shows... and eat. I like to eat.

Me: What do you want to do when you grow up?
RR: belches and giggles
Me: Think about it.
RR: A computer technician
Husband: He's blowing smoke up your ass. He wants to be a programmer.
RR: Yeah, that.

Me: How do you feel about being a preteen?
RR: ehn... whatev'

Me: What is your favorite thing to do, aside from video games?
RR: Play more video games.
Me: Really?
RR: Make memes.

Me: Anything you want to add?
RR: Memes. Inhale the memes, exhale the memes.

Me: Good night RR.

Last year's interview.

Twelve Years

The biggest boy is twelve years old. He has been for a while... but I've been a crappy blogger for the last 18 months, so you know.

Twelve is a funny age; as I am sure I will say that with about most of the teen years. He's a little guy in a big body - taller than me with the largest foot in the house - some days he's all grown up and wants to do it all on his own other days he's all about watching cartoons and snuggling on the couch.

He is still into his computer games, but not so much Wizard 101 anymore, he's more into T2F. And he loves his YouTube videos - 10 worst, 10 best, 10 things you'll never believe.

He is pulling good (great) grades in 6th grade. He's an alter server at church. He's well into Boy Scouts and really enjoys it and spending time with his friends. He's also in 4-H - computer programming. He sure keeps us busy. I'm already ready for him to drive himself places. As it always seems that he has something to do. Most recently he became interested in playing Magic, The Gathering.

Mother's Day 2016

Today was a quiet relaxing day... a low key Mother's Day.

Husband has some sort of plague or something, and as such his asthma is kicking his butt; but all said and done he kept up pretty good (aside from the nap this afternoon, but in all fairness the kids were sleeping as well).

This photo pretty much sums up the day:

Today was day #2 of ERP sleeping until 8am. Husband was already downstairs with the other boys so I carried him down and went back to bed. My boys brought me one of my favorite cereals and coffee and bed. They showered me with gifts: tub for soaking my feet, new foot stuff, hand made pictures from school... and Husband got me flowers.

While I ate with my small mooches, RR made desert, He made two... one for us and one for my mom... so I can't tell you what it was since she hasn't gotten her's yet.

Then we all watched Ghostbusters and called our loved ones. The movie was followed by an early lunch and naptime for the boys. I watched my shows and made my feet all soft and pretty. 

The boys woke and we goofed around... did laundry and woke up Husband.

Then the SUN finally came out. After a week of rain the clouds parted and out came the sun.

The boys ran through the yard, laughing and playing and picking me "sunflowers" (dandelions to the rest of us). 

After that we all made dinner together... lobster, corn on the cob and salad (the little boys had chicken nuggets and Husband had shandwiches... so lobster for RR and I). The small boys had been getting a kick out of the lobsters since yesterday. ERP calls them "dinosaurs". I taught RR how to break up lobsters with crackers. TT and ERP wanted nothing to do with them... until dinner was over. TT feel in love with the lobster shells.

He started bringing all the bits and pieces outside to play on the deck with. Then he started carrying around the heads. He kept trying to get ERP to touch them and ERP kept saying "No, thank you" and running away.

It was so sweet to watch. A moment I'd like to remember forever.

The ugliest part of the day is when ERP tried to climb his slide while carrying a beater full of homemade whip cream (part of desert) and took a tumble off the top landing on his shoulder and head. Thankfully he bounced back after a little bit. And promised mommy not to try and use with slide with hands full of beaters. 

Dinner was followed by a failed bath for ERP and showers for the big boys. Then a failed bedtime for ERP. Thankfully TT was all about bedtime, him and I snuggled and chatted about the day. He told me the blue and pink in the sky looked like they were fighting... and he thought the purple would win.

Oh and some point during today, ERP got himself dressed. Already!! I am not ready. That said I can barely convince TT to dress himself most days.

Happy Mother's Day Everyone.

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