Wednesday, November 27

Waiting & Wondering

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant; and as most women who reach this stage in pregnancy I am starting to wonder - not just about what my little one will be like, but about what labor will be like.  

My previous two labors where vastly different; and I some how feel like I have covered the labor spectrum... aside from the fact that neither of my labors where remotely like anything mentioned, reviewed or taught in the two childbirth classes I took.  

With RR, who was born at 38 weeks.... whoever said your first never comes early... idiot.... my first was my earliest.... I had a cervix check on Friday and was told I wasn't dilated... he was born less than 24 hours later.

With TT I walked around for weeks and weeks dilated.  I kept feeling like he could and would come any day now because I was already progressing.  Nope, he waited to make his appearance just a couple hours before his due date.  

With neither boy I went throw a text book "early labor".  I've read many many birth stories and believe early labor is a real thing - they are amazing stories... I love reading about how these women just carried on with their day to day activities waiting for labor to really get going.

When RR was born I woke up early in the morning to one strong cramp, walked into the bathroom and my water broke.  The real contractions didn't start for a good two hours after that, and didn't get regular for at least 3 or 4 hours.  

When TT was born I had one or two really strong contractions and I knew it was time.  I have no idea how I knew, but I knew.

With RR I had this calm about me... I showered while I let my ex and my Goddaughter sleep in.  I ironed my clothes while I waited for my doctor to call me back.  I was relaxed and calm (obviously since I wasn't having contractions) while we drove to the hospital.  

With TT I had a calm in my voice when I told Husband not to freak out, but I thought it was time.  I stressed in the shower because the contractions were coming so fast; and I was anything but calm and relaxed on the car ride to the hospital as I went from active labor to transition and tried not to give birth in the car.  

With RR I opted for an epidural, which didn't work so well and had to argue with the doctors about being ready to push because they thought it was too soon.

With TT I went all natural and didn't wait for a doctor (thank you on-call midwife in attendance).  

So here I sit, 38 weeks pregnant and I wonder what this labor has in store for me.  Yes, I am already dilated... but I know now that doesn't mean a thing.  I've been offered an induction, not once but twice so far (because I was group B strep positive a couple weeks ago - we are retesting currently - and I have a history of precipitous labor).  I wonder what it would be like to know baby is coming on such a such a day.  How to women who have scheduled inductions and c-sections deal with the impending date.... knowing it's a real date that baby will come?  I've been told that I could have my baby this weekend if I like.  Do I really want to be that selective?  

So I sit here, wondering and waiting.... what is in store for me this time around.

Saturday, November 23

Who's Watching Who

The Big Boy is getting to the age where he's almost old enough to stay home alone for short periods of time - 10 minutes to the gas station kind of thing.  Not a leap we're ready to make, but something we're thinking about and will be for a while.

Today Nana came over to the house.  The Little Boy was sleeping and the Big One was eager to show Nana his latest video games.  Husband wanted to take a trip out to the hardware store and I wanted to pick up Nana a belated birthday cake, she turned 97 back on the 12th.  Husband suggested we go out together as TT was sleeping and wouldn't be up for a few more hours and RR and Nana were content on the couch.

We left our cell numbers for RR and told Nana she was in charge - and she happily took on the challenge.  She likes to feel important and helpful; which I can totally understand.

About an hour or so later Husband and I were ready to head home and he suggested stopping for a snack first.  I wanted to check on everyone at the house first, just to "make sure".  So we called.  And called and called again.... finally RR answers.... and at the point I was mostly home... in a panic worried something happened to one of them.  RR confesses he was just "ignoring" the phone.  GAH!!!!

And then it occurred to me.... who was watching who?  We told Nana she was in charge, but RR had our numbers and the phone.  I guess they were watching each other.... and TT.... he was busy sleeping.

Saturday, November 9


There comes a time in every women's pregnancy that rolling over in bed feels like climbing mount Everest.

There are many steps involved in rolling over in bed while pregnant:

1) Lay in bed and try and decide if you really need to roll over

2) Judge how far away Husband is from you and if you have room to roll over

3) Jar Husband in the ribs so he grunts and rolls away from you in his sleep

4) Swing the pillow from the side of your head over to other side of head

5) Lay in bed and try and decide if you REALLY need to roll over

6) Think about pillow positioned between your knees, are you awake enough to roll and keep this pillow in place

7) Remove pillow from between knees and toss to your other side

8) Pray pillow did not land on floor

9) Lay in bed and try and decide if you REALLY need to roll over

10) Place one hand under bulging pregnant belly, gather momentum and roll

11) Lay in bed and catch your breath - You made it!!!

12) Search out pillow for between knees while trying to move as little as possible

13) Position pillow at head and sink in to comfy-ness

14) Re-adjust pillow between knees

15) Breath sigh of relief and hope to fall back to sleep soon

16) Realize you have to go to the bathroom because your center of gravity has shifted onto your bladder

17) Curse Husband for snoring so softly

18) Lay in bed and think about it: do you REALLY have to go to the bathroom......

...... to be continued

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