Saturday, November 9


There comes a time in every women's pregnancy that rolling over in bed feels like climbing mount Everest.

There are many steps involved in rolling over in bed while pregnant:

1) Lay in bed and try and decide if you really need to roll over

2) Judge how far away Husband is from you and if you have room to roll over

3) Jar Husband in the ribs so he grunts and rolls away from you in his sleep

4) Swing the pillow from the side of your head over to other side of head

5) Lay in bed and try and decide if you REALLY need to roll over

6) Think about pillow positioned between your knees, are you awake enough to roll and keep this pillow in place

7) Remove pillow from between knees and toss to your other side

8) Pray pillow did not land on floor

9) Lay in bed and try and decide if you REALLY need to roll over

10) Place one hand under bulging pregnant belly, gather momentum and roll

11) Lay in bed and catch your breath - You made it!!!

12) Search out pillow for between knees while trying to move as little as possible

13) Position pillow at head and sink in to comfy-ness

14) Re-adjust pillow between knees

15) Breath sigh of relief and hope to fall back to sleep soon

16) Realize you have to go to the bathroom because your center of gravity has shifted onto your bladder

17) Curse Husband for snoring so softly

18) Lay in bed and think about it: do you REALLY have to go to the bathroom......

...... to be continued


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