Thursday, June 30

Things I've Been Meaning, June Update

So here we are on the last day of June, so I figured it was time to see how I did on my "Things I've Been Meaning to Do - Lazy Mom" list.

OK, let's see... drum roll please....

  • Bring my maternity clothes to the attic.  They are packed and ready to go, I just need to move them.  Done, done and done... except for the pair of black maternity slacks I found hiding in the back of the closet.  They can stay there for all I care.  
  • Bring the Cub Scout supplies to the attic, also packed and ready to go. (I see a trend here.)  Also done... hmm, I am starting to feel pretty good here.
  • Sew on Turkey's Cub Scout badges.  Ok, never mind about that feeling good.  This was a total fail.  I haven't even bought needle and thread (no, we do not own these things)
  • Complete the Cub Scout Wolf Leader training. (Another trend here.)  Again, total fail.  I haven't even been to the website this month.
  • Organize Monkey's room Done.
  • Get a hair cut Mostly done, I have a haircut appointment on Saturday.  

Wednesday, June 29

And it's gone....

The tooth that is.

And it was such an itty bitty thing.  Who would have guessed it would have been such an ordeal to get it out.

I had noticed while we were shopping for a new baby swaddler (need to share this story with you) and the second Whimpy Kid book (also need to share this one) that Turkey's tooth was wicked loose.  And yes, I can say wicked... I am such an east coaster, I have clam chowda' coming out of my ears.  

Turkey is leaving on vacation in two days and I was getting worried about it falling out then (and maybe getting lost in the ocean), so at bedtime I brought up pulling it. (Ok, I admit I was afraid I would miss this first with him and really wanted to be around when it happened.)

He wouldn't let me near it, but he was all about Husband pulling it.  

And after almost 30 minutes of trying to distract him, hugging him while husband wiggled it, countless drinks of water, three fits screaming on the top of his lungs, and an incident with OralGel that involved him yelling "it's too spicy, it's too spicy, get it out, get it out, I'm going to kill you"... the tooth came out!!!!

Not that you can tell because the adult tooth is already there... but still.

So now the tooth fairy is poised and ready to go, waiting for him to be sleeping soundly.  The original bounty was $1 (in the form of a gold coin), but it has been upped to $2.

Why Blog?

Why blog?

For me it's partly therapeutic.  Sure I could journal, but you don't get feedback that way.  Besides I have terrible handwriting, so I would need to type it anyhow.  I've found that it helps me sleep, helps to get all of those thoughts racing around my head out.  I don't have a chance to blog every night, instead I will find myself sitting down and writing 3 or 4 blog postings in one sitting, then I just post them when the time seems right and I have a spare 30 seconds.

Now, back to the whole "feedback" aspect.  I love getting comments, that's part of why I added the "thought" buttons; to make it easier for my dear reader to respond.  I love finding out that an old college buddy is, whose life couldn't be more different from mine right now is reading my blog.  To me, that's just "neat".  I know, I know I am corny.

It's also a way of keeping up with family and friends, people I want to talk with more often, but can't.  Sometimes I wished certain friends of mine blogged, it would make my life easier.  Although a blog post is not substitute for a nice long chat over a cup of coffee or tea.

I hope I am able to impart some wisdom or at the very least some common ground, for other women who have or about to experience some of the things I have been through or done.  I know no one likes unsolicited advice, but I know, personally, I don't mind reading tips from others.

To me it feels natural, and I hope when my children are older they don't hold it against me for "putting it all out there".

Monday, June 27

Shark Tooth

4 weeks ago today, Memorial Day, I noticed Turkey had a "shark tooth", his adult tooth had grown in behind his baby tooth.  Of course I did what I always warn others of doing and did a Google search on the topic (come on, cut me some slack the dentist was closed), and I got mixed results.  Some web-pages said don't worry, other's said it'll get pulled, and some even said he was doomed to have all of his teeth pulled.

Then I posted this news on Facebook, and I got stories of those that had been through it. Almost everyone commented his tooth would need to be pulled.

The following day I called the dentist, and I was told if his baby tooth wasn't out in a week to come in and get it checked.

Fast forward a week, no sign of the tooth coming out, so I pack him up and off we go.  The dentist looks at it for about half a second, concludes it is so loose it will fall out in no time.  He tells me he will pull it if I want, but really Turkey should just wiggle it and it will be out in no time. (Thankfully he said some of my favorite words "no charge for today.")

So here I am all excited my "baby" is going to loose his first tooth at nearly seven and half.  I can't wait to be the Tooth Fairy, I go to the bank and get some of those gold $1 coins, I plan about leaving the money, and I wait, and I wait.

I am still waiting.  It's been 3 weeks since we were told it would be out in no time.  I just want to pull it for him, but I am too squeamish.  

It's been a long time since we've had adventures in teeth in this house, I want some action.  Turkey got his first tooth late at 10 months and 3 days (yes, I looked that up in his baby book). And while Monkey is teething like crazy he has no sign of teeth.  Come on boys, mama needs so excitement.  

Turkey has a dentist appointment coming up in about 2 weeks, I wonder if the tooth is out by then.  

Sunday, June 26

Good Morning

Today was an excellent start to a new week.  We all slept in, till 7:18!!!  WooHoo!!!

I had just finished nursing Monkey, when Turkey came into the room and snuggled in between Husband and I.  I had Monkey in my right arm and Turkey curled up in my left, with Husband's arm draped over Turkey and I.

In that moment I felt truly blessed.  All of my to-dos and have-to-dos could wait, I was surrounded by the most important people in my life.

Saturday, June 25

Friday, June 24


NIP, that would be nursing in public.  And yes, I do NIP.  Haven't you seen my little badge over on the right?

To NIP or not is every nursing mother's decision.  Some do, some do it if they are covered, some don't.  To each there own.  Personally I'm a little bit all of the above.

There are two places I will not NIP - church and cub scout functions.  Should Monkey need to eat at either, we either bring him bottles of mommy's milk or I go some place private (my car usually) and feed him.

When we are out and about I decide to cover up or not based on where we are, who we are with and how many people are around us.  As you may have noticed in my Strawberry Fields post I have no problem NIP without cover.

Last night at dinner (we went out to celebrate Turkey's last day of school) I opted to cover up.  We were in a crowded restaurant and there were tons of kids running around.  I had hoped covering would help Monkey be less distracted.  Well instead of being distracted by all the commotion around us, he was busy playing with the cover (a lovely green fleece blanket with a monkey patch on it).  So as he's nursing he starts flapping the blanket, and I mean flapping it... causing more attention to what was going on.  You should have seen the look on Husband (he warned me this was going to happen) and my mom's faces.  Priceless.

The flapping incident caused my mom to remark that it might be time to wean sooner rather than later (she likes to mention weaning, especially when she fears teeth coming in, she means no offense); but rather it made me think "nursing tops".  I really need to invest in a few nursing tops.  As Monkey gets older and more and easily distracted they are just going to be all that more useful.  But, why do they need to be so pricey?  I mean really Monkey's just going to spit-up on them anyhow.  If anyone has the low-down on decently priced nursing tops, please let me know.

Thursday, June 23

Where Did It Go?

This past weekend Husband had a 7:30 am MRI (he has some sort of inflammatory disease in his hands and ankles that they doctor is having a hard time diagnosis-ing),  and he asked me to drive him.

Now mind you we've been living in this area for about 2 years now, and while I know my way around pretty well there is still a lot to learn and a lot to explore.  

I was certain I knew where the hospital was, but I Google the directions just in case.  

So I drive out to where I think the hospital is suppose to be, but I can't find it.  Turkey is asking if we are lost (he hates getting lost) and Monkey is sleeping away.  Husband is worried about being late, I can't blame him.  So then I decide it must be down this particular street, but when I get half way down the bridge is out.  So I back track and try to find the back side of this street.  Finally I find it, and get to the closed bridge again - no hospital.  But I can see the hospital, it should be there... I swear it has vanished.  

I asked husband to pull out the directions (we have 5 minutes to get there now), he reads them to me.  The directions call for route 9, I am certain the hospital is not on route 9.  I couldn't be anymore certain.  Despite my certainty that I am right and Google maps is wrong Husband calls the MRI offices - and while he's on the phone with them realizes I am in the wrong town (the address was on the bottom of the direction print out).  I couldn't have been further off.   Husband gets some landmarks from the MRI people and tells them we are running late and with that off we go.

Sure enough the hospital was off route 9, Google maps was right and I was wrong.  But it begs the question where did that "other" hospital go?  I am certain there was one where I was driving at.  And if it the building I am think of isn't a hospital what is it and where is it?

Wednesday, June 22

Kindness of Strangers

Tonight at the grocery store Turkey was playing "eeny-meany" while trying to figure out which box of cereal to get (he wanted 3 but was told only 1).  As he is playing this gentlemen was watching him and laughing.  Then he comes over and says "How about if your mom buys you one box and I buy you the other?"  Turkey says sure, and the guys hands his $5 and tells him that "outta cover it".  We both thanked him and he was on his way.

When we got home Turkey promptly tried both cereal for his snack.  Yum!!!

Thank you kind sir for making my son's day.

Tuesday, June 21


Despite what the magnet on my fridge that Turkey got me for Mother's Day, I am not Super Mom.  I'd like to think so some days, but I know I am not perfect no one is.

Last night I blogged about my accomplishments.  In that post I noted that 8 hours prior I was not that on-top of my game; and here's why.

On Monday and Wednesday I work from home.  One of the benefits to this is not having to get changed until later in the day.  Around lunchtime on Monday I decided it was that time... when I got to my room to get changed I realized I had no underwear clean, well no practical every day underwear.  Now mind you, all of Monkey's diapers (except the one he had on) were clean.  I can manage to keep Monkey in clean diapers, but I can't guarantee clean underwear for myself.  

And that's what happens when you are a parent, your priorities shift.  But what I have learned over the years is that your priorities are ever shifting; but your kids needs always remain ahead of your own.  However, as parents we need to make sure we are making time for ourselves (and washing our underwear).  Making time for yourself and your significant other is important; it's all about balance. 

Monday, June 20

The Irony

Turkey has always had a soft gag reflex.  He has vomited in more places and over more things than I care to recall; countless restaurants, cars, airplanes, even walking down the street.  So what happened tonight didn't surprise me, yet did.

Monkey as sitting on my lap and Turkey was playing with him, when suddenly Monkey spit-up.  It was a bit of a different than his typical spit-up and it sent Turkey over the edge.  He started racing around the house, gagging, forgetting where the bathroom was.  He vomited a little bit here and there before getting to the toilet (which was 10 steps away).  Suddenly he's blaming me because I made him finish his salad at dinner.  Somehow if he didn't finish the salad all of this could have been avoided.  So he cleans up his mess and comes back to play.  I tell him first I need to change his brother's diaper and he just pooped.

The irony, Turkey offers to change it.  Yes, the kid that just puked over seeing a little spit-up (and I mean a little) wants to change a poopy diaper.  And he changed it (his first cloth diaper change too I might add), without getting sick or even gagging.  Go figure.


Pardon me while I brag right now, I am feeling very "on my game" right now.

It's 8:45pm and

  • All of my laundry is caught up on 
  • I am ready for going into the office tomorrow; this means bottles of breast milk are in the fridge, pump is clean, packed and ready to go, files are packed, lunch is set and my ice coffee (decaf) is made
  • Both boys are in bed - sleeping
  • My house is an acceptable level of clean
  • Dishes are done (thanks honey)
  • Turkey's bag and clothes are ready for school
  • And my meal plan is still working for me (I hate when it gets through off before it gets started)
  • And I have showered
I rock (I wasn't saying that 8 hours ago).

Crib and Nurseries

For some reason pregnant women feel the need to set up a nursery, well most of them at least.

I was this way with Turkey.  I had gotten furniture from a co-worker (one of those now outlawed drop side cribs) and went to town decorating before he was born.  I was lucky, Turkey sleep through the night early on and consistently.

This time around I came to my senses and realized that I might not get so lucky again, and with this revelation felt no real desire to put a nursery together for Turkey.  Good thing, because at 4 months age, he's still sleeping in our room.

A friend of mine, M, lent me the most amazing piece of baby furniture ever, an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper.  This has helped in breastfeeding at night, because we don't believe in baby sharing out bed; and keeps our mind at ease about how Monkey is sleeping.

When we were expecting Husband was all about getting the nursery ready.  We got the roomed emptied and we (we as in Husband, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and her boyfriend) painted it a lovely green.  Husband and I looked into bedding sets, but found nothing we liked that was gender neutral (we didn't know the sex of the baby).  After Monkey arrived we ordered his furniture.  Husband was all about getting his crib and changing table... and now he's 4 months and 3 days old and still doesn't sleep in his room.  And we're OK with that, no of us are ready to move him out.

Today however we took a big first step in that transition, we bought his crib mattress and set up his bed.  We put some of his toys in it and introduced him, to what will eventually be his bed.  It's moments like this that make me in awe of how fast he's growing up.  Too fast, isn't that always the case.

I do plan on decorating his room, but I don't think I will ever call it a nursery.  And that's OK.

For all those new moms out there, and the new-moms-to-be; don't stress yourself over trying to get the nursery set up, those big box baby stores make it seem so essential (and really it's not)... there will be plenty of time for that.

And for all you know, you could be like my friend Adrienne over on Irwin Beans, and opt to skip the crib all together (OK Mom I don't think we're getting a crib).  Just do what works for you in a time frame that works for you.

Sunday, June 19

Strawberry Fields

Ever since Turkey turned a year old I've been taking him strawberry picking.  When Husband came along he joined in the fun, and this year marks Monkey's first year going.

Husband picked strawberry picking as this year's activity.  So we loaded the boys in the car and off we went.  The weather was perfect for it, the sky was mostly clear, there was a light breeze and the temp was right around 80.  We couldn't have gotten better weather.

Sadly, when we got there we were informed children could pick in rows 1 through 4, where the berries were smaller, and adults could pick in rows 6 through 10 where the bigger berries where.  I was annoyed to say the least, and after picking there for 7 years running I doubt we will go back next year.

First Husband went to pick alone, but then he came back because he wanted to spend his day with his boys.  Then I went to pick alone, but really it's a family activity.  In the end we all picked in the "kids" rows.

After Monkey had a quick snack, we left with our nearly 11 lbs. of strawberries.  

An ice cream on the way home completed the outing.  I must say my husband has good taste in Father's Day activities   Which is part of why I love him so.  


My favorite time of day happens every evening, right about 7pm.

I take Monkey upstairs to his room, change his diaper, and I sing to him as I massage him with some lavender lotion and then put on his pajamas.  We head down the hall to my room, where I swaddle him, turn on his white noise (rain sounds), turn off the lights and lay down to nurse him.

It's during these 10 to 20 minutes when everything is perfect in my world.  I can hear Husband and Turkey moving about the house or the occasional car passing on the street, but usually it's quiet.  Except for Monkey's breathing.  Even my mind is quiet.  I look at his face in the dim light coming from outside, hold his hand, take a deep breath and relax.  

This is not to say I don't have wonderful times with Turkey, I do and I always will; and I remember our days and nights of nursing fondly, but right now this time with Monkey, with my baby, brings me peace.

Eventually he will let out a little sigh.  A sigh of content, and his nursing will get slower and his breathing will change... until he's asleep.  Then I pick him up and lay him in his co-sleeper.  At which point his eyes flutter open and stares up at me.  I kiss him on the forehead, tell him goodnight and slip out of the room as he drifts back to sleep and I head back to everything else, at peace.

Friday, June 17

Product Review: EvenFlo SimplyGo

In this blog-post, Sucky-ness, I wrote about how I had to run out and buy an emergency hand pump at work.  I promised a review... so here you go.

The pump I bought was an EvenFlo SimplyGo Manual.  If I had to give it a rating I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.  It was better than I thought it would be.

  • It was in-expensive.  Typically sells for $20, I got it for $16 with a coupon.
  • It is compact.  It easily stores in my desk at work and takes up very little room in the fridge.
  • It is lightweight.  (Ok, anything is lightweight compared to the electric hospital model I typically drag around).
  • It does the job, fairly well.  I can hand express 3 ounces in less than 10 minutes.  (Note: I have a huge oversupply, so don't take my word that you will get the same results.)
  • The blue rubber cushion can be removed (needed for larger boobies)
  • The blue rubber cushion.  You can't see how your nipple is positioned through this.
  • It's not as comfortable to use with the rubber cushion removed.
  • No option for different horn or cone sizes.
  • The band that provides all the action looks flimsy. They do give you a spare.  

Doctor Doctor

Selecting a pediatrician for your unborn child can be one of the hardest decisions to make.  Harder than breast or bottle, circumcision or not, and on.  This is harder when it's your first child, because if you are lucky your subsequent children will have the same doctor.

When I was expecting Turkey I asked my mom for advice on this.  I had been looking through a list of pediatricians my insurance accepted and I saw a name I recognized, Dr. P.  I called my mom and she confirmed that Dr. P had been my youngest brother's doctor and my mom had loved her back then.  I did the math and calculated she had been practicing for at least 20 years (a bonus in my eyes).  She was part of a larger practice with great hours and policies and she was accepting new patients. Score.

Dr. P has always been the right doctor for us, she works for our family.  She works because she has similar child rearing philosophies.  I think it's critical to see eye to eye with your doctor.  If you are a breastfeeding mama, seeing a pediatrician that does fully support breastfeeding is not going to help you. If you are the type of person that likes medicine and medicine now for their child, then seeing a doctor who takes a wait and see philosophy is not going to work.  I think I am very fortunate to have found a doctor that sees eye to eye with us on key issues.  And to this date, she has never steered us wrong, even her referrals to other doctor's for Turkey have been spot on with our thinking.  Like mindedness I like to call it.

Monkey's 4 month well-baby-visit this week just reinforced this.  Dr. P was thrilled to see he was exclusively breastfeed, and agrees with our philosophy of not introducing solids till after 6 months.  Then I asked her about vitamin D for Monkey.  I've seen conflicting reports on whether or not breastfeed babies need vitamin D and I wanted her opinion, as I really against giving it to him but wanted to make sure I wasn't misinformed.  She told us that we are all a little vitamin D deficient and the push to give breastfeed babies vitamin D was relatively new, and as such no long term studies have been done to see if any damage is done.  Then she sealed the deal by saying "Breast milk is a complete meal for baby and has been for thousands of years.  Why go messing with nature?"  I wanted to hug her, I really did.

Anyhow, Monkey is doing wonderfully.  He was 14 lbs. and 7 oz, (50%) and 26.5-inches long (90+%).  I wonder if he'll be taller than Turkey (and Turkey is tall for his age).  At 4 months Turkey was 14 lbs. and 3 oz. and 25-inches long (he was smaller than Monkey at birth as well).  I guess only time will tell.

Making Some Changes

Yes, you're still in the right spot of my ramblings.  I'm making some changes to the blog.  I've decided it was time for a face lift.  First of all, the font had to go.  I could hardly read it, and I wrote it.  I wasn't digging my back ground either, it didn't seem to fit with my style.  Not that I think my current choice with the utensils does either.

And I really need to get a "cute" header.... once I get an idea for one.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm open for idea.  Anyone??  Ideas??  Help...

The Face of Asperger's

Lately, I have found myself amazed by the number of people who seem surprised at Turkey's Asperger's diagnosis.  It's as if he doesn't fit the mild of what they are expecting, and sadly it seems they are expecting someone of a lesser intelligence.  I have heard time and time again "but he's so smart", "but he has a brilliant command of language", "but talking to him is like talking to an adult".

Let me set the record straight; Asperger's Syndrome is NOT an intellectual disorder. (I know I've said this before on here.)  If it was, would it be nicknamed "the little professor syndrome"?  This is not to say that Asperger's doesn't affect people through all the intellect levels.

A quick Google search on Asperger's will lead you to two of the leading voices on Asperger's in the US right now; John Robison and Temple Grandin.  Both on the spectrum and both brilliant in their own ways.

Another quick Google search and you can find list after list of people known to or have thought to have had Asperger's in history; and we're talking some amazing people here - Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Mozart, Emily Dickinson, Bobby Fisher, Bob Dylan, Al Gore, Dan Aykyrod.  The TV character Dr. Temprence "Bones" Brennan is said have Asperger's, yet it has never been said on the show.  Again another list of brilliant people real and frictional.

These are just some of the faces of Asperger's, and it's a crowd of people I am happy to associate my son with.

Thursday, June 16


I hate paying full price, and I usually don't unless I consider what I am getting to be a good deal.  I use coupons when I shop, but will not be starring in "Extreme Couponing" anytime soon. I love Craig's List.  It's where I found my husband, what's not to love?

Tonight I went out to pick up an Avent bottle sterilizer, which in it's self was a good deal at $5 ($24 in the store).   When I got there I meant a Grandma whose daughter had twins 6 months ago.  Grandma had went a little nutty shopping for the twins, and now her daughter and the twins were moving in with her. That being said, she was about to have 4 of everything and needed to downsize.  She invited me to look around, and I spotted an Exersaucer (Baby Einstein).

Now, I've been in the market for one of these; but can't bring myself to pay nearly $100 for one.  Again, lamenting over the I had for Turkey that I got rid of years ago.

It was in good shape and looked like "fun", so I asked how much.  $20 she tells me.  I checked to see what I had for cash on me... no go I stopped at the convenience store on the way there.  So I let her know, she asks how much I have.  I (semi-lie, I thought I had $12, but I had more) tell her I have $12.  SOLD!!!

Sweet score!!  $17 for a bottle sterilizer and an exersaucer.

Monday, June 13

Green vs. Yellow

Poop.  Warning: This is a blog post about poop.  So if you find talk about infant bowel movements to be disturbing... you are welcome to come back another day (and I hope you do).  Do if you read on and are offended, don't say I didn't warn you.

Bowel movements (BM) are something all parents of small children talk about.  Heck, I still talk about Turkey's on occasion and he's 7.  But it seems like the younger the child the more you discuss this.  Before you're a parent talking about BMs may make you feel uneasy, then you have your bundle of joy and you find yourself comparing poops with your friends, talking about it with your spouse and pediatrician, and looking for pictures of it on-line.

Turkey is a breastfeed (100%) baby.  And as such his BMs are expected to be yellow, slightly liquidous with small seed like particle.  It smells, but it doesn't stink; if that makes any sense.  If you're wondering what they look like; check here.

For me it is a nearly constant battle to keep Money's BMs yellow.  More times than I would like to see his BMs are green (and once we had some blood, poor little guy).  The green (along with the blood) are by-products of my oversupply.  Very basically an oversupply is a "too much milk", more specifically an imbalance of fore and hind milk (Although not all the experts agree on this point. I find far too many time the experts are not agreeing in the world of all things baby.)

I've heard many times (on-line and in my breastfeeding group) that some moms would kill for an oversupply, and how they just can't seem to produce enough milk.  And while I am sure this is a validated complaint; an oversupply is a curse.  Aside from the battle to keep the poop yellow, Monkey often chokes at the breast; especially early on during a nursing session as I have a very forceful let-down (milk coming down). A forceful let down is painful, very.  And is often associated with an oversupply.  My oversupply can also cause gas and spit-up for Monkey, and it creates a number of "annoying" habits while nursing.

I had had my oversupply in check, until I went back to work.  To correct it I had been "block nursing", which in my case was feeding from the same breast for 5 hour blocks (typically nursing moms feed from both breasts at all feedings, starting with the one they ended on last time).  But pumping, both breasts at the same time, at work for the last 3 weeks has increased my supply yet again.  For the last week and a half Husband and I have been on poop patrol; checking the color and hoping for the yellow to come back; and poor Monkey has been gassy and fussy.

This weekend I cut out one of my home pumping session and I increased my block feedings to six hours... and the finally late this afternoon we struck GOLD; well actually yellow.  Monkey's last two BMs of the day (he goes like five times) were yellow.  Husband and I were both thrilled.  We were positively giddy actually over the yellow poo.

Tomorrow at work, on the advice of a lactation consultant, I am only going to pump one side per session.  Part of me is afraid of decreasing my supply; but I keep telling myself with an oversupply like I have is this really an issue?  However, if I can't pump the same amount he's eating while I am gone I will stop.  Wish my luck, I need this to work as quitting my job to have an ideal nursing schedule is just not possible.  And I really need my baby to be less gassy and smiley and happy.

Saturday, June 11


Nursing teaches patience.  In my opinions it's one of the ultimate tests of patience.

It starts from the day baby is born and we patiently work with them to establish a good latch.  And it continues into the next few days as we wait, ever so patiently, for our milk to come in.

I came to realize this over the last few nights as I lay in bed nursing Monkey.  My to-do lists are running through my head and yet I had to lay there and feed my baby.  Unlike bottles or a plate of food you have no way to judge how much longer a nursing session will last.  Sure there is no guarantee that baby will finish the bottle or that a second helping may be asked for, but you can see what has been eaten and what needs to be eaten when you feed these ways.  With nursing you don't know.  Sure you can look at the clock and think "well he's nursed for 10 minutes and he usually nurses for 5 minutes"; but many times those last 5 minutes turn into the last 30 minutes and vice-versa.

I noticed today at my breastfeeding group that the moms of the older babies and toddlers have amazing patience when it comes to nursing.  Nursing a distracted baby takes patience.  Nursing a baby who wants instant milk but has to wait for let-down takes patience.

Nursing takes patience.

Silent Saturday (His Tuxedo)

Author's Day at Turkey's School - Please note his excellent version of a tuxedo.

Thursday, June 9

Operation Omega

Tonight we launched Operation Omega.  It did not start off very well.

What is Operation Omega?  This is what we are calling our plan to add more Omega 3, 6 and 9 into Turkey's diet.  When we received this Asperger's and ADHD diagnosis, or friends and family offered their advice: limit his sugar, go vegan, go gluten free, add more omegas.

I'm not a fan of limiting his sugar.  In my few experiences around kids who are on limited sugar diets, and then they say go to a party; it's been a nightmare.

We did gluten free for a while when he was a toddler and the doctor thought he had Celiac's Disease.  That as hard.

I can't do vegan, too much of a change and not really compatible with our family lifestyle right now.

So I looked into what affects the increase in omegas would have, and I felt this is a good route for us to take.

So I searched and searched and did my research and opted to buy Nordic Natural's Omega 3-6-9 Jr.  They were suppose to be a chewable soft capsule and the bottle boosted a great lemon taste.  None of the reviews I read on-line prepared me for these.  Chewable is a joke?  And they taste like lemon, until you get that hit you in the face fish taste, YUCK!!!

Turkey could not take them.  So now I need to figure out how to get him to take them.  But it's a start....

Wednesday, June 8


Tomorrow is Author's Day for Turkey's class. Earlier in the evening he asked if he could wear his tuxedo to school.  I had to break it to him that he did not own a tuxedo.  He was crushed.

The following conversation happened about 30 minutes later in his bedroom as he was getting ready for bed and picking out his clothes for tomorrow.

Turkey: I really need to wear a tuxedo tomorrow.

Me: You don't own one.  Did you forget?

Turkey: But this is a very important day.  Can we go out and get one?

Me: No

Turkey: But I need a tuxedo.

Me: The tuxedo stores are closed it's 8:10.  (Ok, so I told a white lie.)  How about you wear one of your ties and a nice shirt.

Turkey: It needs to be a white shirt.

Me: Your white shirt is long sleeves, how about this nice yellow one.  (holding up a yellow polo)

Turkey: Let me see that.

Me: What tie do you want to wear tomorrow.  (I am holding up his blue one and a red one, at this point Husband walks in and keeps pointing and mouthing "pick the red one".  Turkey clothes his eyes and picks the red one).  Good choice.  The red tie is cool.

Turkey: I don't want to look cool.  I want to look fancy, this is serious.  (Husband leaves)
Turkey proceeds to pick out his darkest pair of long jeans, it's suppose to be 100 tomorrow.  He holds up a white t-shirt with orange print on it.  Can I wear this inside out and backwards?  I'll cut the tag out.

Me: (having no idea where he is going with this, and trying not to laugh because he is so serious) Um, sure.

Turkey: Where are my good black socks.

Me: If they are not in your dresser, then they are dirty.  I didn't see them in your dresser.
Turkey sits down and starts digging through the laundry basket.  

Turkey: I need to find those socks.

Me: Do you want to borrow a pair of Papa's.

Turkey: No, they are too big and I don't want to pull them up so high.  I NEED my socks.  (He then finds one dirty in the corner of his room.)  Then he says to me as serious as I have ever seen him: It is your responsibility to ensure that my laundry is done tonight and my black socks are clean.

At this point I am laughing.

Turkey: Don't laugh at me, this is serious.  Why, oh why, don't I own a tuxedo?

Me: I am not laughing at you, I am laughing with you.  You're only 7, it's my job to do your laundry right now.   (I start looking through his dresser again and find another pair of black socks.)  Here can wear these.

Turkey: Perfect.  (And he grabs his black dress shoes.)

About A Year Ago (Plus a Few)

Husband and I honeymooned in Maine.  We had a "we'll go where the mood takes" us attitude about the whole trip.  We didn't have a single hotel room booked, we didn't pick up a map of Maine till we fit the first tourist center.

We used the "Room Saver" catalog and found great deals on hotels and resorts.  We stayed in some of the highest tourist areas Maine has to offer, but it was a week before the official start to summer so we we some of the only guests.  We shopped, we ate, we went to the beach.  We played cards on our hotel balcony and we ran out for snacks at 2am in fog so thick it looked like it had snowed in May.  We had a wonderful time, it was a trip we would never forget.

We had been home for a few weeks, when a test revealed those two little pink lines.  On June 17, 2010 Dr. F confirmed what we already knew, we had brought home one last gift from our honeymoon, a baby.

And if it makes 1 year since I learned about Monkey, it makes 8 years since I learned about Turkey (their due dates were 7 years and 1 day apart).  My how time has flown, yet stood still.  

Tuesday, June 7


Is that even a word? Sucky-ness? According to my spell-checker it is not, but I am going to go with it.

This is the one word that can think of right now to describe last night and this morning.

I have learned that if Monkey is going to have really rough night, he will be up before or shortly after midnight. So when he woke up because Daddy tripped going to the bathroom at 11pm, I should have known it was going to be a long night.  After that Monkey nursed and was put back down around midnight.

Around 2am he was up again, and we nursed again and again he went down.  But he didn't want to go down, he wanted to be cute and coo and play.  Not my idea of a good time at 2am, especially when I need to be up  at 6am to go to the office.  At 2:30 Turkey came into our room.  He had a nightmare (he's had a lot of those lately).  I welcomed him to bed, and brought Monkey with us, nursing him again.  Around 3:30 I was able to get Turkey back into his bed, only for him to return at 4am because there were bugs in his room (have I told you yet about his bug phobia?).  Of course Monkey is awake, his big brother was around and he LOVES his big brother.  This makes the 2 hour point until I need to get up for work.  With this thought I decide I am quitting, wake up Husband tell him Monkey is awake, Turkey is back in our bed and I am going to sleep on the couch (he has told me if this happens again to get his "ass up sooner").  While laying on the couch I hear Husband spraying Turkey's room with air freshener (aka bug killer).  At 5am Husband comes down and urges me to come back to bed, he is going to give Monkey a breast-milk bottle.  So I go upstairs, reset my alarm for 6:30am, and nurse Monkey who is fussing while waiting for the bottle.  Husband feeds him, I nurse him again and we drift off to sleep around 6am.

6:30am comes and I am up.  I decide to skip nursing Monkey before leaving as he just ate 30 minutes ago.  I pack up my pump, or at least I think I do, write a quick note to Turkey's teacher and grab my laptop and lunch and head to the office (an hour away).

I get into the office 10 minutes late, not bad for getting up 30 minutes late.  I am feeling pretty good, tired but good.

Normally I pump at 9am (getting to the office at 8am), but today I want to pump right away; because my left side is engorged.  So I chit-chat with my boss, turn on my computer and bring my pump into the back room where I "do my milkin' business".  As I am setting it up I realize I left my pump horns at home.  I can see them sitting in the dry rack next to the sink.  D'Oh.  Major D'Oh moment.  I hand pump 2 ounces to relieve some pressure, and begin my over-tired panic attack.

Husband can't bring me the parts I need, lunch is 3+ hours away and I have a vendor coming at 11am (and this vendor is known for being early or late, but never on time).  I hand pump again after an hour, I am feeling deflated and seriously overtired, I  am afraid going to kill my milk supply.  I look for help and words of encouragement on-line.  I mention my situation to HR in passing, she suggests taking an early lunch and getting a manual pump.  I have 45 minutes till my vendor is to arrive.  I send my boss a quick e-mail and dash out the door, with a 20% off coupon in hand.

I pick up a $20 ($16 with my coupon) manual hand-pump, EvenFlo SimplyGo, dash back to work and pump.  Ah... relief, sweet relief.  I was so happy, so much more awake and alert (despite the lack of sleep).  I step out of the back room, pop my pump in the fridge and as I am closing the door I hear my boss and our vendor on the stairs.  I did!!!  Super Mom did it again.  (Or at least I like to think that.)

In the end I pumped a little over 12 ounces at work today with it, not bad considering it was really only half a day and I normally get 15 ounces with my double electric hospital grade model.

Review of pump to follow shortly, I want to use it a little more first.

Monday, June 6

Things I've Been Meaning to Do (June)

Every month over on the I'm a Lazy Mom Blog she does a link up about the things she's been meaning to do.  This is my first month participating.

Things I've Been Meaning to Do:

  • Bring my maternity clothes to the attic.  They are packed and ready to go, I just need to move them.
  • Bring the Cub Scout supplies to the attic, also packed and ready to go. (I see a trend here.)
  • Sew on Turkey's Cub Scout badges.
  • Complete the Cub Scout Wolf Leader training. (Another trend here.)
  • Organize Monkey's room
  • Get a hair cut

Sunday, June 5


Turkey looses everything.  And I mean everything.

To further add to it, he can never find what he has lost.  He could literally be standing right next to the shoes he's looking for and not see them.  (Yet, he loves look and find books, go figure.)  I don't know if it's an ADHD thing, or an Asperger's thing... but it's his thing.

So, today when he can walking down to the basement all sullen and told me he lost his newest BeyBlade I shouldn't have been shocked.  He was crushed, his newest and beloved Rock Gasher was gone.  Missing in action.  He had bought it with his own money, so it meant that much more to him.  Not to mention he has extreme emotional attachments to his toys.

Now this wasn't a typical lost - it wasn't under the couch, or left in the car, or in a corner in his bedroom.  He lost it at the grocery store.

When we went grocery shopping this morning he brought his BeyBlade collection with him, in it's carrying case.  I didn't see him take this particular top out while we were in the store, but apparently he did.

We went back to the store (a 15 minute drive each way) and retraced our steps.  We stopped and looked around at the cereal he was debating on, we looked in the freezer where he got out the frozen corn, we looked everywhere.  Have you ever looked for a 2-inch round top in a grocery store?  Needless to say, we didn't find it.  Turkey left his name and number at customer service in case someone turns it in.

But he's not holding out hope for that, and has already started saving up for a new one.  He washed my car for $4 to get himself started.  With drive like that to get a new one, I am betting Husband picks one up for him.

Saturday, June 4

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