Thursday, June 30

Things I've Been Meaning, June Update

So here we are on the last day of June, so I figured it was time to see how I did on my "Things I've Been Meaning to Do - Lazy Mom" list.

OK, let's see... drum roll please....

  • Bring my maternity clothes to the attic.  They are packed and ready to go, I just need to move them.  Done, done and done... except for the pair of black maternity slacks I found hiding in the back of the closet.  They can stay there for all I care.  
  • Bring the Cub Scout supplies to the attic, also packed and ready to go. (I see a trend here.)  Also done... hmm, I am starting to feel pretty good here.
  • Sew on Turkey's Cub Scout badges.  Ok, never mind about that feeling good.  This was a total fail.  I haven't even bought needle and thread (no, we do not own these things)
  • Complete the Cub Scout Wolf Leader training. (Another trend here.)  Again, total fail.  I haven't even been to the website this month.
  • Organize Monkey's room Done.
  • Get a hair cut Mostly done, I have a haircut appointment on Saturday.  


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