Sunday, March 22

Stuffed Animals

Friday night RR went away with his friend and family for the night, to celebrate his friend's birthday. Husband and I took the opportunity to purge RR's room. We gave it a good old fashion deep clean.

As I was putting his bed back together I was amazed by all of the stuffed animals he was still sleeping with. A giant stuffed snake wrapped around the headboard. A stuffed alligator that has to be 4-ft long. A floppy giant red stuffed dog. Several pillow pets and enough stuffed animals from Build-a-Bear to open our own shop. In fact it had been birthday tradition for years to go to BaB and get a new stuffed animal. We haven't gone in a year or two. In fact that last stuffed "animal" RR has gotten was a giant stuffed donut he won at the fair. But he did take that giant stuffed alligator away to summer camp... so...

So while I am going through his stuffed animals it occurs to me, that at some time in the not so distant future; the stuffed animals will be moved off his bed. Moved to the closet perhaps... like he did with half of his collect several years back. Or maybe moved to one of his brother's beds. But he will in fact, be growing out of his love of stuffed animals at some point. He is certainly going through that transition, the period between child and teenager. Where toys are still fun, but for how much longer.

Part of me remembers those days like they were yesterday. I recall pining for an American Girl doll, Samantha, back before they were the most have doll. Before Disney bought the company. And I got the doll and I still have the doll. Will RR keep some of his stuffed animals like that? Put away, but not forgotten?

4 Years

A little while back, TT turned 4 years old.


What is he up to -

About 58 lbs and 46-inches. About the same size as RR, when RR was six.

His favorite color is RED. Red everything. Especially sneakers. He will only wear red sneakers. And red shirts and sweatshirts.

He is fully daytime potty trained. No worries about night time and nap training now. He'll get there at some point.

He is a funny guy. And his has this lisp. Such a cute little lisp. Some of my favorite TT sayings from this past year include "holy wack-a-mol-ee" instead of "holy guacamole", and "seriously?" Which with his little voice is so sweet.

As of lately he loves everything RR loves. He idolizes his big brother. Currently Legos, little Legos and Lego guys. Which make me so nervous, since ERP loves everything TT loves.

TT is a "go go go" kind of guy. He is always on the move. He has been super in love with the snow and the winter. Frozen was his favorite movie for the longest time this year. He watched it daily. Multiple times a day if you let him. Playing "snowballs" and sledding in the yard were big winter hits for him. In the summer he wanted to play in the pool as much as he could. He loves being outside.

Most importantly this year we were able to get him to give up his pacifier.  Woo Hoo!!!

He is funny to watch - being the middle child. Trapped between wanting to be big like RR, who is much older than him; and wanting to be little like ERP. Most days he seems to waffle between the two extremes, and we need to remind him it's "OK" to be "medium".

In fact he loves most things. He is a big giant snugly "Teddy bear".

14 Months

About a week ago ERP turned 14 months. He has gotten so big. Shortly before then he started walking and now he's walking all over the place.

It really took me by surprise. With TT and RR they stood first. Just stood around with no support, in the middle of the run, just chilling. ERP was showing some signs of walking back around Christmas. But I kept telling myself, not yet. He isn't standing on his own yet. Apparently standing is not a prerequisite for walking. Because he's walking and starting to run now.

He has developed a deep love of books and will bring you them to read. Over and over again. As toddlers like. My baby now a toddler, sigh.

Shortly after he turned 14 months he added a new word to his lexicon - "book". So now he's up to five words.

His, butt, which is my measure as to just how big he is getting; is just about too big to fit into the palm of my hand. He is such a peanut regardless. It's really funny to see this little person walking around.

He loves being with his brothers. And pretending to talk on the phone.

He has been very clingy to me lately and I am eating it up. While I am making dinner there is no place he would rather be, than being carried on my back.

He still hate the shower and we are trying to get him to like bathes. But it's a process. Bathing him is not an easy task and requires a lot of mental preparation on mine and Husband's part.

He does not like snow. And we've had more than our fair share. But this was to be expected seeing how much he hated the beach.

Things I don't want to forget from this month
~ his soft and fine, wispy hair
~ the softness of his check
~ the way he does "swivel hips" when getting his diaper changed
~ his smile with his seven little teeth

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