Sunday, March 22

14 Months

About a week ago ERP turned 14 months. He has gotten so big. Shortly before then he started walking and now he's walking all over the place.

It really took me by surprise. With TT and RR they stood first. Just stood around with no support, in the middle of the run, just chilling. ERP was showing some signs of walking back around Christmas. But I kept telling myself, not yet. He isn't standing on his own yet. Apparently standing is not a prerequisite for walking. Because he's walking and starting to run now.

He has developed a deep love of books and will bring you them to read. Over and over again. As toddlers like. My baby now a toddler, sigh.

Shortly after he turned 14 months he added a new word to his lexicon - "book". So now he's up to five words.

His, butt, which is my measure as to just how big he is getting; is just about too big to fit into the palm of my hand. He is such a peanut regardless. It's really funny to see this little person walking around.

He loves being with his brothers. And pretending to talk on the phone.

He has been very clingy to me lately and I am eating it up. While I am making dinner there is no place he would rather be, than being carried on my back.

He still hate the shower and we are trying to get him to like bathes. But it's a process. Bathing him is not an easy task and requires a lot of mental preparation on mine and Husband's part.

He does not like snow. And we've had more than our fair share. But this was to be expected seeing how much he hated the beach.

Things I don't want to forget from this month
~ his soft and fine, wispy hair
~ the softness of his check
~ the way he does "swivel hips" when getting his diaper changed
~ his smile with his seven little teeth


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