Wednesday, March 16


Tonight was a fairly typical Wednesday night. One we haven't had too many of lately with all of the sickness going around.

And let me tell you. Typical - felt good.

As the boys get older, life gets busier. There are just so many things to do, to take care of. And often times we get lost in the shuffle and rush of it all.

But tonight was typical. It did seem to drag on... but that's because I realized too late that I never reset the clock in the living room from daylight savings this past weekend.... and some how lost an hour.

Tonight I took it all in.

I got home from work and ate a tuna sandwich while watching the little boys play on the deck and talked to Husband about his day. Within 15 minutes him and RR were off to scouts. the little boys and I ate some pickles and ERP insisted on a peanut-butter sandwich.

The little boys and I nursed; which these days is more of a play time for them. Gene joked about his "boob milk" tasting like peanut-butter. Then we flipped on YouTube and had a dance party. We danced to everything from Gummi Bears to Hot-Hot-Hot to Skeleton Bones. I danced with them (mama needs to get in more cardio) and twirled them around the living room, tripping over the dog who insisted on being the center of attention. I watched the curls on ERPs hair bounce as he danced. I watched TT try and find a groove or two.

After dance party I took ERP to bed, while TT had his nightly video game time. ERP and I did our nightly routine - he rocks on the chair while I make up the beds and tidy up, then he picks out his jammies and I help him get dressed. He brushes his teeth. Then we find the pacifiers, key-keys he calls them. He typically takes six to 11 to bed with him. Then I carry him so he can turn out the light and we rocked and nurse while I watch a show. Lately, it's been Cooked on Netflix. He tells me he's done by saying "daddy" and I lay him in his crib. Most nights he goes to bed on his own from there.

After I said good-night to ERP I went downstairs and gave TT a 5 minute warning. Once his time was up he decided we should play a game instead of reading, so we played a round of Cootie. It was during this ERP started yelling things I couldn't understand. Eventually TT nor I could take anymore crying and yelling from ERP, so we ended the game early - good thing because I was going to need to role five 6s in a row to finish my Cootie sometime this evening.

I checked the clock...and realized I had lost an hour. Fixed the clock and went to take care of ERP... who just needed more snuggles and nursing. I held him tight as we rocked, his head perfectly on my shoulder, his knees bent and resting on my lap. His sweetness melting into me.

Once I got him down I sent TT to get ready for bed. I tell him to do it "big boy style".... meaning go, use the bathroom, and get dressed on his own. I then went and helped him with his teeth. He, of course, tried stalling.... because that's what TT does at bed time. Tucked him while he was telling me his wasn't "sleepy I'm awake-y".

Then I closed his door and turned out his light... and came to write this post while waiting for RR and Husband to get home.

Oh and let's not forget about the telemarketer that called three times in a row, while ERP was crying and TT and I were playing games that I needed to bitch out. Because no night at home, a nice normal typical night, wouldn't be complete without someone calling me about something I don't want to talk about. Social security in this case.

Thursday, March 3

TT at 5

TT at five years old....

is full of feelings. All of his feelings are larger than life. He is a super cuddle-love-bug. He tells me at least ten times a day that I am "his best mom". And he constantly tells me how much he likes me. When he sees his friends he loves to hug them. Great, big, bear-hugs. He loves life. He loves everything. His toys. His brothers. His friends. He gets mad, on occasion. But he is more likely to cry than to get mad. He is a crier. He has always been a crier. Although they tell me at school he doesn't cry.

Now some of my favorites from the last year....

Now... about TT.... he is big into wearing capes and costumes. He cannot wait to take his friends to Six Flags and gets them all capes. I don't recall RR every loving to dress up like TT. When TT was 3 his favorite color was red, then this last year it was blue. He's decided now that he's 5 his favorite color is green. He loves Angry Birds. Like he needs to watch the cartoons every chance he gets. He is still a big dude, at 62.5 lbs and 48.75". He wears a size 8. He loves playing video games... he gets that from his RR. He also loves playing play-doh and coloring. His favorite game is probably "dress up and act silly and see how long I can get ERP to follow me around while we play with swords and guns". Many days he tells you his name is Batman, although someday's he's a Robin. Biggest boy move lately... he is done with Duplos and has moved on to the dreaded-foot-killer-little-Legos.

Happy belated 5th birthday TT. Mommy loves you!!

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