Thursday, March 3

TT at 5

TT at five years old....

is full of feelings. All of his feelings are larger than life. He is a super cuddle-love-bug. He tells me at least ten times a day that I am "his best mom". And he constantly tells me how much he likes me. When he sees his friends he loves to hug them. Great, big, bear-hugs. He loves life. He loves everything. His toys. His brothers. His friends. He gets mad, on occasion. But he is more likely to cry than to get mad. He is a crier. He has always been a crier. Although they tell me at school he doesn't cry.

Now some of my favorites from the last year....

Now... about TT.... he is big into wearing capes and costumes. He cannot wait to take his friends to Six Flags and gets them all capes. I don't recall RR every loving to dress up like TT. When TT was 3 his favorite color was red, then this last year it was blue. He's decided now that he's 5 his favorite color is green. He loves Angry Birds. Like he needs to watch the cartoons every chance he gets. He is still a big dude, at 62.5 lbs and 48.75". He wears a size 8. He loves playing video games... he gets that from his RR. He also loves playing play-doh and coloring. His favorite game is probably "dress up and act silly and see how long I can get ERP to follow me around while we play with swords and guns". Many days he tells you his name is Batman, although someday's he's a Robin. Biggest boy move lately... he is done with Duplos and has moved on to the dreaded-foot-killer-little-Legos.

Happy belated 5th birthday TT. Mommy loves you!!


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