Wednesday, November 9

Respect the Turkey

This funny little cartoon has been making the rounds on Facebook for a little while now... I've even posted it to my wall, and personally I think a ghost or witch or something should also be ganging up with the Turkey because I swear they have Christmas stuff out in October.  

Now I will admit I am in the Christmas mode a little.  85% of our shopping for the boys is done, and we're probably about 80% down shopping all together.  And I will admit I pulled the Christmas paper out of the attic this week and stashed it under my bed.  And we DID go to the holiday bazaar at our church today (but it's more a craft fair than anything).  And I did start a holiday folder on my Pintrest today as well... but we have GOT TO RESPECT THE TURKEY.  And I am talking the American Turkey, not the Canadian one that happened last month.  

We have neighbors that have put out Christmas lights (trees and all) already... hhmmm, maybe they never took them down and just started turning them on.  To me this is a little much.

Even Monkey gets exasperated when we walk into Target and get slapped in the face with Christmas displays.  

I want to be able to work on my merry-making in private, in secret, in darkness... just like all those other little joys you do in private.  There are just somethings you don't talk about in public till it's time.  And in this case, it's not time till after Tom Turkey is eaten.  

Gooble, gooble.

This post is dedicated to the people down the street, who as of November 5th have had a Christmas lights display going that would rival Clark Griswald's.


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