Wednesday, November 30

A How-To: Thanksgiving Guide

Granted it's a little late... but still well worth sharing.

This is Turkey's guide on "How To Cook Thanksgiving".

How to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.  Buy the turkey.  Buy the eggs.  (This is where I got confused reading this, after all it wasn't Easter.)  Buy the cranberry sauce.  Buy the stuffing.  Pre-heat the oven to 150F.  30 minutes to make the turkey.  Make the deviled eggs.  (Oh, so this is what the eggs were for.  When I told him and Husband I wasn't making deviled eggs they balked, so I ended up making them.  Good thing he wrote this to remind me.)  Go to the bathroom.  Make the stuffing.  Put the seasoning on the turkey.  Get what you want to eat on your plate.  Then enjoy.


Rebecca said...

Love the planned bathroom break!

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