Monday, November 7

The Best Of (Part 5 & 6 of 10)

In case you've missed the first half of the list you can find it here.

I've been debating my #5 on this list for a while now, as this may be something that comes back to bite me in the butt as Monkey gets older.  But here it is anyhow....

drum roll please.... #5 on my list is.....

The pacifier.  And not just any pacifier, the Nuby Natural Touch, Soft-Flex Cherry Shape one to be exact.

Monkey loves this pacifier.  We call it a Nook (as we like to say "Monkey loves nookers, but not hookers.  I know we are a little strange.)  You see Turkey never took a pacifier, ok he did ONCE for about 10 seconds; and with all the studies showing pacifiers helped reduce the rate of SIDS Husband and I were all about finding  a pacifier Monkey would take.  We must have bought a dozen different types and brands of pacifiers before finding these and realizing how much Monkey loved it.  Now mind you, we can only buy these on-line (for way too much money), or drive to one particular Target 40 minutes away to get them.  But like I said he loves this pacifier and takes sucking on his pacifier very seriously.
Chillin' with my mom and his nook.

Out and about with his nook and a book.

Drifting off to sleep at Pumpkin Feast with his nook.

Getting ready for bed with his nook.

Now you will notice in many of these photos Monkey's nook is tethered to him. And this brings me to #6...

drum roll please....

#6 on my top ten list is the Booginhead Pacifier Holder, or as we like to call it in our house the leash (the complete combo is nook-on-a-leash... never leave home without it).  We have several "leashes" as they are great for keeping other items close at hand in the stroller/carrier/carseat, etc.

For example: you can have teething-ring-on-a-leash.

Or my favorite, Sophie-on-a-leash.

What?? Doesn't everyone keep a French rubber giraffe hanging around?


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