Wednesday, November 16

9 Months and 1 Day

Dear Monkey,

Today you are 9 months and 1 day old.  You are getting to be an "old man" I tell ya'.  Your daddy is so NOT ready for you to be a toddler in the coming months.  He's in denial.  (Your mommy may be as well.)

Earlier today we took your to your well-baby-check-up (say that 5 times fast), and you are HUGE.  OK, maybe not HUGE, but you are tall 30.5" (95%) and skinny 18 lbs. 6 oz (25%).  You are taller and thinner than you big brother at this age.  I wonder how it will be as you both get older.

I guess Ney-Ney had called the doctor and told her we were "starving you", as she recommended upping the amount of solids you eat in a day (while still keeping up all the "wonderful nursing till at least a year").

When we left the doctors we got some quick 9 month pictures done.  Mommy just had to get one of you wearing the same outfit big brother wore for his 9 months pictures.  She is a sap like that.  The photographer thought you would be crawling all over the place - man was she wrong.  You're our little late bloomer, and that's OK.... I'm not ready to baby-proof the house yet.

Then we got you your new car seat, as you are now too big height wise for your infant seat.  While I will miss having a "baby in a bucket" I will enjoy not having to lug that thing around.

Speaking of being too big, you are quickly growing out of your 12 month clothing.  I wasn't planning on having to buy you two winter wardrobes, but you are certainly moving into 18 month clothes rather quickly.

You're favorite things to do these days are play with your big brother, jump in your jump-a-roo, play the monkey piano, your blocks and eating.  You love eating, especially for some one without any teeth.

Your mommy loves you... and I hope the time between now and your first birthday slows down a bit.

And now... what you've been waiting for.... pictures...

Your first time in your carseat.

The last time in this carseat.

Checking out your new carseat.

Sleeping, un-swaddled, with a lovey... this is NEW for you.

Playing with your blocks.


Jess said...

love how the blocks are in a circle around him!

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