Tuesday, November 8

Things I've Been Meaning to Do (November)

Following the Original Lazy Mom...  I present to you my November list of things I've been meaning to do.

1) Take down AND put away the Halloween decorations.
They were cute and fun BEFORE it snowed.

2. Send out three packages - one to Melissa, another to another Melissa and one to my step-father's parents.  
It's all about the small size flat rate box.

3. Clean out and change over my purse to something new... I certainly have enough to choose from.  Over maybe I'll even get a new purse.  

4. Clean my and Husband's bedroom and re-arrangement for the winter months (read move the king size bed away from the heater so we don't bake in our sleep).

We don't want to look like this you know.


Stacey said...

LOL! Too cute! Great list and loved the pictures. :) Thanks for linking up!

The Lazy Mom

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