Friday, November 4

Project: Food Budget

This week my food budget and meal planning skills, strategies, ideas, ambitions, wills and desires have been thrown out the window and ran over by a passing tree truck from Alabama.  This storm really did a number on my planning.  I couldn't tell you what I was planning for meals (this is hard to do with no power) or what my food budget was or what I spent.

I can tell you I spent a LOT on food this week.  Lots of little trips to the store since we had no power.  Bigger trips to the store to get items that spoiled (milk, eggs, creamer, cheese, etc) while we had no power, and too many meals on the run while shuttling Monkey to and fro the doctor's office.

Next week, I vow will be a better week.  I only have room to go up from here (not that I am to blame, OK maybe partly for the Wendy's we had tonight but I really wanted their apple, walnut chicken salad).

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