Sunday, June 19

Quiet Shower

This evening, Father's Day; we sent RR to go give TT a shower. Now usually when this happens there is some sort of crying (the water got to cold) and yelling (TT getting RR wet, so he's mad) going on.

Tonight none of that happened.

It was strangely quiet.

And they were up there for a while.

So I went to investigate. It was Father's Day after all.

Turns out RR was reading TT "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" while he showered.

That explains everything doesn't it?

Saturday, June 4

Ding Dong Goes the Truck

The other night we were out for a nice family walk after dinner.

All of us, including the dog. Who for once wasn't being an ass and was nicely letting RR walk her - opposed to her trying to walk him.

Normally when we go for a walk I carry ERP. In a carrier of course... he's getting heavy... he's gotta be getting close to 24 lbs. Ha!!

But this evening he insisted on walking.

It was slow going to say the least. RR and TT were in the lead and then would stop and wait. Husband stayed "back" with ERP and had running commentary about being passed by turtles, snails and slugs they were going so slow.

We had made it to our turn around point and were headed home playing "Eye Spy"... the boys insist on playing this game on the walk back home.

We're about half way back to the house and RR and TT tell us they hear the Ding Dong Truck; that would be the ice cream truck for all of you not living in the happy valley.

By the time we are two thirds of the way home they insist the truck is close and break into a run. I yell to RR that I have no cash on me, it's all in the house.

The two big boys (and the dog) are gone in a flash. They are seriously running. So I pick up the pace, to make sure they have enough money.

And the truck song keeps playing. Over and over and over again.

I round the corner and I see the truck stopped at the bottom of our street. TT is standing there alone... in his PJs... because the little wears PJs for after dinner walks. He's just staring up at the truck. Alone.

Then RR comes racing down from the house. He grabbed the singles and change and a store coin out of the change dish on from the kitchen. He has maybe four dollars. He needs at least twice as much if he's going to also get ERP an ice cream.

So now I run up to the house to go get a $10 out of my wallet.

And still the truck keeps playing. Hello!! Over and over and over again.

Our poor neighbors.

But they got it. They found the truck and got money (granted not enough) and got their ice cream.

Oh and the dog... she was dropped in the house... leash and all when RR made a mad dash for the cash.

Oh... and of course not but not least..., ERP and Husband made it to the cart by the time I got back with the cash. Of course ERP insisted on Husband carrying him to get back faster. He heard the "Hello!" as well from the tuck.

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