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This is a blog about everyday life.

I'm a working mom of THREE boys, RR (Jan 2004), TT (Feb 2011) and ERP (Dec 2013).  We make our home, along with Husband, in a quaint little New England town.

RR loves all things "boy"; especially video games (Minegraft and Wizard 1010), Legos, Cub Scouts and writing comic books.  He's an avid reader and jazz listener.  In early 2011 he was diagnosed with Asperger's, ADHD, and anxiety. Turkey is a sweet and lovable kid, if not a little complicated (he has a very high IQ and can win pretty much any argument).

TT  is in the midst of the "terrible threes" - forget 2 - 3 is the age they really do loose their minds.  TT loves and hates everything all at once, and all very passionately.  One of the things people notice first about TT is his size; he is over 50 lbs. and about 44 inches.

ERP is the newest addition to the family.  My pregnancy with him was riddled with all sorts of strange alignments that had my midwives confused.  This carried over to my labor and delivery with him.

Husband is self-employed as a computer technician and teacher, and was diagnosed with Fibromylgia several years ago.

Lately it has come to my attention that we're a little on the "crunchy tree-hugging" side of life.  We breastfeed, cloth diaper, co-sleep, baby wear, prefer natural remedies, compost, garden and all that fun stuff.

Oh, and two eggs over easy... with lots of toast is our favorite family meal.

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