Tuesday, February 28

Mysterious Rash

The first time Turkey and I visited my mom in Texas he was a wee little thing (2-ish), and while we were down there (some 1,500 miles from home) he broke out in this crazy rash.  It was big, it was blotchy, it bruised around the edges, it looked terrible.  I called his doctor at home and they advised us to take him to walk-in-urgent-care, so off we went.  We were seen by a very nice doctor who's exam table was a giant firetruck.  $150 later we were told it was an allergic reaction and to give him some Benadryl and keep an eye on it.  By the end of our trip he was fine.

Over the years we've experienced our fair share of "mysterious rashes", and I've learned a few things over the years; namely when to and when not to call the pediatrician.

Good thing too as Monkey is now experiencing his first mysterious rash.   I noticed it first last night on his face, and then when I changed his diaper it was on his lower torso.  As of tonight it's become flatter and wider spread, moving down his legs and onto his feet as well.

Years go this would have prompted me to call the doctor right away, and rush him in, only to be told that we needed to wait and see or that it was "viral" and the rash would run it's course.  I don't need a doctor to tell me this; so now we're waiting and watching at home.  I'm guessing it's either a reaction to the chicken pox vax he got on a little less than two weeks ago or it's a viral rash (he has been running a mild fever for the last week).  Either way the doctor can't do  thing for us, so we're just watching and waiting.  Obviously if he breaks out even worse, is acting super sick, or spikes a fever I'll call the doctor; but for now....

Monday, February 27

I Cheat

At laundry that is.

Small hand towels and face cloths, they don't get folded.  They go into some nice ($1 - Christmas Tree Shop) fabric bins in the closet.

Monkey and Turkey's underclothes, they don't get folded.  Simply put into their dressers.  OK, none of Monkey's clothes get folded; just sorted and stacked in his draws.  Who has time for stuff like that?  Certainly not me.

(Diapers on the other hand are stuffed and prepped once they are cleaned... this is essential for keeping Husband on the cloth-diaper-wagon, as well as a necessity with an ever-wigglier baby.)

Ninety percent of mine and Husband's clothes get hung up - simply because it's easier.

So yeah, I cheat at laundry... and it feels so good. :-)

Sunday, February 26

Homemade Hummus

Making homemade hummus for Monkey (and myself) is something I've wanted to do for a while, and today I finally took the 5 minutes to do it.

Wish I had done it sooner, it's so yummy.

When I posted about wanting to do this earlier, Jess commented with a recipe of hers; but I went with my own because: 1) it had less steps and 2) I had everything in the house.  The recipes are very similar, and hummus really sees like one of those things you can personalize to your taste.

For my recipe:
1 16oz can of chick peas, half the liquid reserved
4 cloves of garlic
1 tsp salt
1/4 lemon juice

In a food processor blend the liquid and the garlic, then process the chick peas, salt, and lemon juice till smooth.

Super simple and super yum!!!

Oh and super inexpensive: $0.79 for the chick peas, 3 for $1 for lemons and $0.99 for a whole head of garlic.  Way less money than buying a tub of the stuff.

Saturday, February 25

Silent(ish) Saturday: The Trim

While bathing Monkey last night I realized his hair was in his eyes, and I'm not ready to cut his "luscious long golden locks" I did concede to the fact that he needed a trim.

A before shot, I couldn't get him to look at the camera.

This is all I took off.
At breakfast this morning. 

It's amazing how different he looks with just that little bit trimmed off, and I will admit it's not the most flattering of haircuts, but at least he can see.

Friday, February 24


Fact: Monkey likes food.

Correction:  Monkey really likes food.

We've yet to find a food he doesn't like.  He eats everything; raw onions, fish, broccoli, cole slaw, hummus... you get the idea... everything.

Until tonight.

I stopped by the store on the way home to get some salad for dinner and I went to find Monkey a new snack-food... something to nibble on.

I suppose my first mistake was starting in the baby-food isle.  But there they were, on the end-cap and ON-SALE.  And they said they were good; it was even in the product name  - Beech Nut Goodies. A (white) cheese puff for toddlers if you will.

While we were cooking dinner Monkey was in his highchair, so I offered him a few... tasting one myself first.  And maybe it was because I tried it and told Husband how nasty they were in front of Monkey; but he didn't like them.  A food Monkey will not eat.  It is a miracle, of sorts.  He tried them on and off for a few minutes, before scattering them to the floor and demanding other more palatable foods.  Honestly I can't say I blame them, they were nasty.  Think a really hard cheese doodle with little to no flavoring that was sprinkled with Styrofoam pellets.

Yum... NOT.

Thursday, February 23

Project Food Budget (Week 21)

Goal: $100
Actual: $88.42

This should turn out to be a stellar week... now as long as Husband and I don't go insanely overboard when we go out Sunday morning for breakfast I'll be super happy.

The success this week was due in large part to a super easy menu:

Monday: leftovers from the party
Tuesday: leftovers from the party and salad (original I know)
Wednesday: tuna sandwiches and oven fries (hello, Ash Wednesday)
Thursday: tacos
Friday: soup and salad (hello, Lent)

No plans on meals for this weekend.  I really need to get better at planning weekend meals, but I like having leftovers for Monday, it helps ease into the work week so I'll need to keep that in mind.

Tuesday, February 21

A Hard Day at Work

Turkey came to work with me on Monday, President's Day.  A little before 7am he was ready armed with his hard-sided leather briefcase and Spider-man backpack.  On the way into the office he dined on a banana and an ice-decaf, cinnamon flavored; while listening to The Magician's Nephew by CS Lewis.

Upon arriving at my office he quickly unpacked his laptop, got it hooked up to the internet and spilled Legos out all over the floor.  He then proceed to play with Lego until around 9:30, at which time he took up drawing portraits of family members.  I scanned and e-mailed Husband his copy.  Complaining he was hungry, he enjoyed his yogurt before going to raid the vending machine (for a Giant Texas cookie).

At 9:30 he decided to play Gumball on-line and proceed to talk to himself as loud as possible.  This lasted until around 10:30; at which time he grabbed his blanket and curled up in the corner by my desk and read one of his Wimpy Kid books.  Enjoying a gobstopper during this process and sharing with the office his ability to bite into them (ouch!!!).

A little after 11:30 we headed out to lunch; where he enjoyed a grilled cheese and fries while we played "20 Questions".

After lunch he decided it was time to write comic books, and he began what is to be an 8-part series of The Adventures of Captain Burst and Mr. Slingshot.  He completed the first two books in the series.  Once completed he shared them with everyone he could.  This was followed by more Wimpy Kid reading and Lego playing.

Around 3:30 the end of the day boredom hit, so I printed him off a few word searches (including a President's Day one)... and he coasted on that until 4:30.

On the way out he stopped by HR and scored us some good dark chocolate... and then proceed to complain on the way home because he prefers white chocolate... ah the  life.

Monday, February 20

Party Like A 1 Year Old!!!

On Sunday we celebrated Monkey's first birthday with family and friends.  Unlike Turkey's birthday this year we only did a loose Monkey theme (go figure).

I made him a birthday banner that proclaimed that he was 1.

I made him a double layer (chocolate and yellow) cake with butter-cream frosting, and cupcakes for the guests.  

We had lots of yummy food (and we're still eating left-overs), and many thanks to my Mom, cousin, and Add-emm, for bringing more goodies.  

I had made a video with photos of Monkey from over the first year and we had that playing during the party as a background.  

So we ate, passed around the baby, passed around my cousin's tiny baby, and ate and talked some more.  After eating Monkey opened his gifts.  He got tons of great toys (including a stuffed monkey from Disney) and lots of clothes (because he's a giant and needs them... he's in 18 to 24 months size).  Turkey was his man-in-waiting, and read all of his cards and "helped" him open his gifts.  

After present it was cake time (because after that we needed a bath).  Monkey loves food (I've mentioned that before right??)  Well he really loves cake.

It was a wonderful day... but I just wish I had more time to spend with everyone. 

 Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

Oh yeah, and the real key to having a killer party... having your husband, brother and baby's Godfather clean-up the mess.  These guys ROCK!!!

Saturday, February 18

Double Doctor

I had a brilliant idea a few months back - I would take the boys TOGETHER for their yearly-well child visit.  I book what our pediatrician's office calls a "sibling appointment" for 3 and 3:15pm on February 16.  

Then in another stroke of brilliance Husband and I both decided to go see our primary (same doctor, but separate appointments) that day as well (at 1 and 1:15).

We escaped from our doctor visit at 2pm and headed straight out with the boys to their doctor.  The pediatrician's office was running late and we didn't get taken back until 3:30 (Husband stayed back in the waiting room since the exam rooms are so tiny).  

The boys are growing excellently.  You can see their progress on the Watch Us Grow page.  I think it's kind of funny that their weights at 12 months where nearly exact, but Monkey is a full inch and a half taller than Turkey was.  Turkey is "solid" in both the 90+% for height and weight (but I could have told you that after seeing him with his classmates at his birthday party).  Monkey is long and lean at 97+% for height and just below 50% for weight.  He does have a tiny head however (6%), he gets that from his Daddy.  No shots or blood work for Turkey, but Monkey got 4 shots and blood work... poor kiddo.  Turkey's eyes and hearing were perfect (I'll need to remember that the next time he can't see or hear what is right in front of him).

It was nearly 5pm by the time we got out of the doctors (and it started snowing - blah!!!).  It was a LONG visit; and I am not sure I'll be doing that again.  OK, maybe I will; but I will skip booking doctor appointments for Husband and I on the same day as well.  Lesson learned.

Guess What Happened This Week?

Monkey turned 1.

Yup... I am now the mother of an 8 year-old and a 1 year-old.  Where has the time gone?

More shocking is that I didn't spend a day posting about the occasion.  I may be slightly in denial that he's getting bigger.

I also think part of it is because he was born so late at night.

With Turkey I went into labor first thing in the morning and he was born mid-afternoon.

With Monkey it was a day like any other, I went into labor around 8:30pm and he was born at 10:27pm... It was most of the following day, the 16th, that I spent taking in the fact that he was finally here.  If you want more details, I can see this older post.

On his birthday we had cake at home after dinner.  This weekend we'll be celebrating at the house with family and friends.  Photos to follow soon... I promise.

Friday, February 17

Project Food Budget (Week 20)

This week has been a whirlwind, between everyone getting over "the sickness", to Monkey turning 1, to getting Turkey's car ready for the pinewood derby... it's been a crazy week.  This weekend we are having Monkey's birthday party, and tonight Turkey and I went out to do the last of the shopping for it.

I made my list, and Turkey was the perfect shopping helper, he made sure I stuck to my list and if it wasn't on the list asked me if I really needed it, and then added it to the list (to then check it off).  I might have to take him shopping with me more often.

And for more than one reason.  At work today I learned that a colleague's son had passed away, he was 19.  Things like this really hit home for me.... they bring back a flood of memories of loosing my brother and the pain I saw in my parents during that time.

Now lately I have been very stressed, very anxious; to the point of not seeing the trees in the forest.

Tonight shopping I was able to clear all of that away, realizing that life may be stressful, but I have my family and my health... I was able to see my son for who he was and truly enjoy being with him and living in the moment, albeit a grocery shopping moment; but I was able to be there.

I am so sad for my colleague and his family; but I am so thankful I was given the chance to realize what I have.  And for that I am thankful.

We spent $ 62.88 on food for the party and the house (and dog-food).  At the party we are having: chili and cornbread (by my cousin), bbq kielbasa (by a friend), fruit salad (by Husband's aunt), pepperoni and cheese platter, olives & pickles, rice and beans, veggie platter, and ziti with meatballs.  I've made Monkey a 2 tiered cake, all his own; yellow and chocolate and cupcakes of the like for everyone else.

Oh yeah, we're going to be eating leftovers a few days next week; as our guest list is slowly dwindling as guests get hit with "the sickness" themselves.  Gotta love birthday's this time of year.

For most likely less depressing Project Food Budget Posts... check them out here:

Tuesday, February 14

Firsts, Expectations and Bibs

Turkey and Monkey had due dates within days of each other, so when it was time for Monkey to be born I had expected him to be early like his brother.  Everyone told me the second one usually comes "before" your first, and seeing that by this time last year I was walking around already 3cm dilated I assumed Monkey would be here before Valentine's Day.

I was so sure Valentine's Day was going to be his first holiday that I went out and got him a "First Valentine's Day" bib and tucked it into my hospital bag.

Valentine's Day came and went, and no Monkey.  The bib did travel to and from the hospital with us, and eventually got tucked into his dresser.  Over the year it's be accompanied by 1st Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and so-on bibs.

Today he finally got a chance to wear the bib I bought him over a year ago.

Today he celebrated his last 1st holiday.

I know a lot of parent's that commiserate over the end of the first year, the end of firsts if you will.

But I have learned over the years (many thanks to Turkey for this lesson) that firsts don't end after your baby turns one.  In fact, some of the most exciting firsts happen after year one, two, or even after the first five years. I know I have many, many firsts to look forward for both of my boys.

We had a lot of expectations for Monkey in his first year, and some of them we have seen happen; and others we are still waiting on... like teeth.  When is he going to get that first tooth?

I guess that's the other lesson my boys have taught me - expect to be amazed and expect the unexpected; because sometimes what you are expecting doesn't happen.

Oh and by the way, this bib is still so big on him, he would have looked totally ridiculous on him last year. 

Sunday, February 12

Risk Taking

Earlier last week Turkey came home with this drawing:

He gave me great detail about the ammunition sashes he drew, the type of guns and weapons shown.  

Noticing the title (Army Me), I asked him if he was considering a career in the army.  

He looked at me very seriously, and replied "No Mom.  I might have to go to war then, and I just can't take a risk like that."

But that's how he is; Turkey has never been a big risk taker.  When he was small his gross motor skills were late to develop because he was so cautious.  When all of my friends kids were climbing out of their cribs, I couldn't imagine him doing the same... until he did and landed on his head.  Guess what?  He's never been a climber since then.... he was easily 3 by the time he learned how to go up and downstairs.  When it comes to bike riding he won't go fast down hills, and brakes for grass growing in the cracks on the sidewalk.  He got a skateboard for Christmas, and while he can't wait to try it out is insisting on a new helmet as well as knee and elbow pads.  

And I'm OK with him being this way... and back to the whole "Army Me".... he wants to design weapons for the military when he grows up.  

Friday, February 10

Parallel Universe

I was chatting with my boss this morning and he remarked that I must have a life that is following a parallel universe or such; and he can't stop telling people about Turkey's gym teacher.

You see Turkey's gym teacher passed away on his birthday, January 31... just 10 days after my bosses wife past away.  They had the same last name, and both died of complications from similar illness (I don't want to disclose to many personal details).

When my boss mentioned his parallel universe theory I was telling him about the case I had during jury duty yesterday... the events leading up to case we heard took place on July 13, 2011.  The same day my step-father passed away.

Life is really strange sometimes.  And to say that these cases were unique wouldn't be accurate, I seem to spend a lot of time crossing "paths"... hmmm?

Thursday, February 9

Project Food Budget (Week 19)

No real report on Project Food Budget this week.... we've had "the sickness" (you know what I mean) in the house and today good ol' mom (that would be me) had jury duty (which was actually quiet interesting).  But what meals we have eaten we've been good about and have eaten them at home.

So why not check out these other blogs... maybe they have something more exciting to report this week.

Tuesday, February 7

Tooth Anxiety

The time: 1:09am, Tuesday

The place: my upstairs - bedroom and bathroom

There is a creak from the door followed by a little voice: Mom, my grown tooth is loose and it's going to fall out.

Muffled voice from the bed: No it isn't go back to bed.

Voice from the door now in a panic: It is... my grown-up tooth is going to fall out.

The muffled voice stumbles out of bed and guides the little voice into the bathroom, while falling into the walls along the way.

The light in the bathroom is flicked on, and is blindingly bright.  Muffled voice sits little voice on the toilet: Ok, let me see.

Muffled voice can't see anything, the light in the bathroom is too bright.  The whole scene seems like a bad to her, but she reassures little voice that the loose tooth is the baby one that is about to fall out.

Little voice shrieks, restating his position that it is in-deed a grown-up tooth.  

Muffled voice tells him he needs to go back to bed.

Little voice assures her he cannot as his tooth will surely fall out and the dentist is closed.  

Muffled voice asks him if he wants to sleep in her bed with her and Husband.  

In the middle? Little voice asks.

Little voice falls fast asleep as soon as he gets in the middle.  Muffled voice drifts off to sleep, certain the preceding events were a dream, only to be reminded by little voices arm and legs hitting her through-out that night that it was night.

Oh and if you're wondering about the tooth, it was in fact the baby one muffled voice reassured little voice about and it fell out shortly before dinner.

Monday, February 6

Nursing Tonight

Tonight for dinner I made pasta with pesto and black olives.  This was Husband's first time eating pesto (and have no fear fans of Husband he did not eat the olives).  How he had gone 30 odd years with never having pesto is beyond me... but at the same time it's more baffling that I have never made this at home before.  Anyhow,  everyone really enjoyed dinner and Turkey remarked about his meal "mom, now BOTH of us have something new to blog about tonight."  He is sweet isn't he?  And he did blog about the pesto.

After dinner we played and then put Monkey to bed at his normal time.  After Husband said his good-nights and turned off the light Monkey and I settled into our before bed nursing session.  I got my feet up, got comfy, he latched on and I closed my eyes and then "wahhhh!!!!"

I forgot Baby Dee.  How could I forget Baby Dee?

Holding Baby Dee while nursing is a must these days.  Monkey fiddles with the "ears", he tries to get me to latch on to "the "ears", we play the music, he strokes Baby's face... Oh yeah, he loves Baby Dee.  

So I get up, get Baby and we get resettled.

Three minutes later he's crying again.  So we switch sides.

Three minutes later he pops up, as he likes doing these days, and sitting on my lap surveys the room and listens for sounds from the downstairs.

I turn Baby on and Monkey goes back to the right side.

Three more minutes pass and he's sitting up again, rubbing his eyes and giving me "I need to go to bed Mom" signs.


Nurse a minute or so.  Rub eyes.


Turn on Baby Dee.

Rub eyes and I kiss him, snuggle him quick and off to bed he goes.

It has been months since he's fallen asleep at the breast.  Maybe because I am so diligent about putting him down while he's drowsy but awake.  Maybe it's because he likes his bed.  I mean he really likes his bed, this kid will not sleep in the car.... what year old doesn't sleep in the car?  We've left many places facing an hour  plus drive home in hopes he sleeps in the car, and if we're lucky he'll fall asleep for the last 10 minutes of the drive.  Maybe it's a combo of the two.

Oh well.... c'est la vie.

Saturday, February 4

Silent Saturday

Turkey with Nana.

Turkey with Ney-Ney

Ah... feel the love.

Modeling his leather Harley hat.  Pepea Ronnie would be so proud.


Cheesing it up.

Thursday, February 2

Project Food Budget (Week 18)

So the budget was $100, and I am pretty sure I am over, because I sucked at keeping track this week.  I know for certain I spent $84.10 on food shopping,  Husband and I had a snack while running errands at one point and that was $6, plus we spent $19 on breakfast out Sunday morning.  And I am pretty sure I made a pit stop at the store once this week for deli meats and rolls.  So maybe another $15.  So I didn't make the $100 goal, but I did spend less than my normal $150 goal.

This week I also tried something new, I got some of the "not so fresh" produce.  I've had girlfriends tell me for years that these can be a good deal, and while I was at the store I saw a crowd of other mom's looking them over... so I gave it a whirl, and it worked out well.  My family goes through produce so fast there was never really a time for it to go bad.

This weeks menu was taco night, Outback for Turkey's birthday (not part of the food budget), sandwiches and salad... then after that we fell off the menu.  Monkey was vomiting on Thursday and Husband ate lunch late so Turkey and I had mac and cheese.  Then Friday night we ended up eating at my Aunt and Uncle's house (pizza).

All and all not a bad week I suppose.  Don't forget to see how these other participants are doing - and there are 2 new blogs this week as well.

Wednesday, February 1

Memories: Turkey's Birth Story

In honor of Turkey's 8th birthday yesterday I thought I would share the details of his birth... don't worry I'll leave out all the graphic ones.  Oh and this may be a little spotty because it has been 8 years after all.

On Friday January 30, 2004 I had an OB appointment.  The doctor assured me that I was not making an progress in the area of dilation and sent me on my way with a "see you next week".  I went out and picked up my Goddaughter, V, who was 9 at the time.  V was spending the night... we were going to have one last "girls weekend" before the baby came.  I picked her from her dad's work and we headed to McD's for dinner.  I wasn't hungry, so I skipped (this should have been my first clue that something was afoot).  At my house we watched some movies and she went to bed on the couch and I went into my room.  My X was working nights and V and I had breakfast and pedicure plans in the morning.  The following afternoon my friends from high school were suppose to be coming over and we were all going to work on getting the apartment ready for the baby... including all of the unpacking from the baby shower.

Around 6:30am on Saturday January 31, 2004 I was woken up by a sharp cramp in my side.  My ex had just gotten home from work a few hours before and I had been up with him until the wee hours... so I was not happy being woken up so early.

I walked into the bathroom and WOOOOOOSSSSHHHH!!!! went my water.  That was the end of that bathmat.

After I came to terms with what was happening I called my OB then ironed my clothes waiting for a call back.  Clearly, labor had not yet started.  Once I got off the phone with them I showered, did some last minute packing and got V and my ex up.  I was cool calm and collected, my ex on the other hand not so much and he ended up wearing half of his work uniform to the hospital.  We called my Grammie, so she could watch V... then called my mom and headed in (skipping eating again).

In triage they confirmed my had broken and then I started crying... why because I was a crazy hormonal pregnant lady... the reason I kept using was because it wasn't February yet and MY baby was due in February.  Around this time the contractions, albeit irregular, started.

We got checked in and my ex called the friends we had plans with and they came to the hospital to cheer us on.

Eventually I made it to 4cm and asked for an epidural.

Then the hospital staff started to threaten Pitocin to make my contractions regular.

Epidural attempt 1 went OK, but didn't work.  Then my mom came.  Epidural attempt 2 went OK as well, but I still had feeling on one side. I used to say it full feeling, but after going through natural childbirth with Monkey I can now assure you it worked some, but not great.

They checked me around 2pm and I was at 6cm.  Then they tried the epidural again, but I begged them to stop as I had to use the bathroom... which I was able to walk to since my epidural wasn't working.  After a few minutes I realized I had problems... I had to push but nothing was coming out... so I asked the anesthesiologist about this... and with that he called for a nurse to check me.  They argued... the nurse didn't want to check me as I "was 6cm just 15 minutes ago", blah, blah, blah... eventually the anesthesiologist won out and she checked and it was go-time.

Skip the gory details.... and Turkey was born at 2:40pm.

He was 6 lbs. 14 oz and 19 inches... and simply perfect in my opinion.

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday and we watched the Patriots win from our hospital suite while I feasted on a black raspberry and hot fudge sundae.

Speaking of food, after Turkey was born all I wanted to do was eat.  I had gone around 24 hours without eating... I ate a TON while in the hospital.

Now that I think about Turkey's birth and Monkey's birth, and while they were both very different I think I see a pattern.... once I hit active labor my labors go fast, very fast.  Maybe Husband is right, when and if we have #3, we should take a room out at the hospital ahead of time... just in case.  Or maybe....

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