Tuesday, September 27

The Best Of (Part 4 of 10)

I've been thinking long and hard about the next thing on my list of the Top 10 Baby Items, and then today it came to me as Monkey was screaming his head off and I was searching for Baby Dee.  Baby Dee is #4.

So.... drum roll please.... #4 on the list is.....

The Hasbro/Playskool Glow Worm, or as we call it around our house Baby Dee.
Monkey, around age 3 months with Baby Dee.
Baby Dee got his name from my, now, 16 year old cousin and Goddaughter V.  When V was a baby she needed her Baby Dee, all the time.  Over the years she had several Baby Dees.  My aunt would just keep buying them and replacing them, saying that Baby Dee had gone to get cleaned up or to the doll hospital... you get the idea.

Back then Baby Dee only came in green, and was much longer - now they are short and study and come in blue or pink (isn't that special).  But they still do the same thing, you squeeze their belly and their face lights up and they play music for about 30 seconds (That's my only complaint, why of why, for the love of.... can't they play and light up for like 10 minutes.  Oh heck, I would be happy with 5 minutes.  Who am I kidding?  3 minutes and I would be good.)

When Monkey is crying and nothing soothes him; not the boob, the pacifier, or daddy cuddles; we know it's "Baby Dee Time".  We grab that silly little glow worm, put it right up to his face and squeeze... and then the calm come.  Red eyed Monkey stops crying and looks, stares really, at Baby Dee.  And then Baby Dee turns off, he starts to whimper, so we squeeze again.  A few more rounds of this, and Monkey is happy, chewing on his baby's ear.

We've even had car trips where we have paid Turkey $2 to squeeze and hold Baby Dee to his brother's face over and over again.

We love Baby Dee in this house.  We all do, even the 7 year old has been known to yell "It's Baby Dee time."

Full Disclosure: We didn't pay for our Baby Dee, we had Kohl's Cash and got it for free; but I was not paid for this review and would gladly buy a Baby Dee should we ever need a second one.

You can find items 1, 2 and 3 on my list here.  


Rebecca said...

Both my guys had glow worms and I loved them! They didn't play music, but they were still awesome toys! Love that your little guy loves his Baby Dee so much!

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