Thursday, September 15

In Memorian (sadly, again)

In Memorian of Grammie
July 4, 1935 to September 13, 2011

This week we said good-bye to one wonderfully goofy lovable lady, my Grammie.  I dug through old pictures tonight and could post ones of her in her big hats, or tight curls, or making one goofy face after another... but instead I've decided to just use one of my favorites from our wedding last year.

She's just the cutest thing, isn't she?
While she could be ornery and set in her ways (aren't we all at times), she was certainly a pleasure to have around... and she taught me a lot.  She showed my cousin and I how to shop like ladies and buy proper Easter hats. she took my to get my first perm (and my hair's been curly ever since), she had a great love of books (many of which I have in my attic).  She wasn't the greatest cook... but she made killer spaghetti sauce, sweet tea, potato salad and French meat stuffing.  She loved, and I mean LOVED, chicken and dumplings.  For a few years she worked as a lunch lady.  Having your grandma as a lunch lady certainly HAD benefits, I can almost taste the egg salad sandwiches on the white bread (because that's what you ate in the 80's).  And she was a hoot at times... like when she painted her living room that orange sherbet color (OK, she bought the paint and had my uncle do the work).  

My only regret, was that I never had a chance to learn how to make her meat stuffing (I've got all the other recipes down pat).  

Rest in peace Grammie... and if you want to send me that recipe in a dream I won't mind.  


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