Thursday, September 22

Dream Feeding

Ah.... dream feeding.... for those of you not "down" with the breastfeeding jargon, dream feeding has nothing to do with raiding the fridge in the middle of the night; but rather it's the art of feeding baby while they are sleeping.

And it is an art.  

I had tried this with Monkey while we were co-sleeping, but it failed miserably.  Instead of eating in a sleepy state, he woke right up and wanted to party.  I decided to give it another try a few weeks back, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Monkey goes to bed around 7pm, and around 10pm (right before I turn in); I go into his room and scoop up his sweet little swaddled body, tip-toe over to the rocking chair, and rock and nurse.    Generally he stays mostly asleep, sometimes his eyes flutter open, but then they quickly close.  After about 10 minutes, he stops sucking and is still; then I gently kiss him on his forehead and put him back into his crib.  And he sleeps.  Adding this night feeding has helped him sleep through the night.  It is bliss.  I love the quiet time together, the stillness of his bedroom, hearing him breath and seeing him so at peace.  

Dream feeding is a dream... a good one.


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