Monday, September 19

Seeing Blue

Today Husband and I decided to start removing the nasty old carpets in the upstairs of our house.  My Step-Dad was going to do this for us before we moved in, but then his work got busy, and one thing lead to another and now he's no longer with us.  A few weeks ago I pulled up the edge of the carpet on the stairs and I saw that our stair were painted blue.  Then curiosity got the best of me and I started looking under corners of rugs in the bedrooms upstairs, and was delighted to find hardwood floors, but saddened to see that they too were painted blue.

Our house was build in 1915, so sometime in the last 96 years someone decided blue floors would look wonderful.  My guess is they are a product of the 70s... as most things this tacky (myself included) are.

The photos do not do justice to how nasty the carpet was.  It smelled.  It was full of dirt, despite us vacuuming it weekly.  There was dirt under it, piles and piles of dirt.  And so much was stuff spilled on it over the years that some of the carpet padding is stuck to the floor.

Then once we finished the stairs we decided to do the hallway.

Gotta love the blue floors.  But in my opinion, it's way better than the carpet.  That icky, stinky, ugly, nasty, carpet.  Good riddens... I am happy to be seeing blue.


Rebecca said...

Imagine how beautiful that will be refinished! You've got a diamond in the rough there, girl!

Jess said...

better than brown like my house was in every room when we moved in

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