Sunday, September 18

Fall Bucket List

Fall is here!!! (Ok, not officially, but close enough.)  This summer we didn't get to do hardly anything we had been hoping for, and we've had a rough start to the fall, so I figured some looking forward to the future is  needed right now.

So here we go... what we, the grand family of Two Eggs Over Easy, would like to do this fall.

- Go to the town fair
- Go to The Big E
- Go apple picking
- Make, bake and freeze several apple pies
- Go pumpkin picking
- Carve pumpkins before Halloween
- Take the boys Trick Or Treating
- Go for a drive to the Mohawk Trail
- Go to a Corn Maze
- Have a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner
- Go to Yankee Candle and get our Christmas ornaments for the year (we get personalized ones each year)
- Husband and Turkey to go overnight camping
- Have a Halloween party (this is on Turkey's bucket list)
- Go on a Halloween Date with Husband and go on a Haunted Hey Ride
- Visit with our friends in CT
- Go to the Keene Pumpkin Fest with my mom
- Go to the book sale at the library
- Build a scarecrow

Wish us luck... this family could sure use some FUN.


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