Thursday, September 8


It seems like lately, everyday, I am packing up some of Monkey's baby gear or clothes that he no longer fits or uses.  My attic is full of odds and ends of his baby gear.  The top shelf in his closet has more clothes on it that doesn't fit him than the dresser holds of clothes that DO fit him.  (I really should buy a bin to store his clothes in.)

I swear Turkey didn't grow up this fast.  But maybe he did and I just blocked it out.  You know like how you block out the pain of childbirth after the fact, just enough to trick yourself into having another.

These days it seems like Turkey is growing too fast as well.  Just yesterday he told me he couldn't wear his raincoat to school since it was too babyish (which I agree it may be now, he got it when he was 4 (and it was huge on him)).  On Turkey's first day of school this year I cleaned out all of his old clothes as well, and then on Labor Day we cleaned out his toy room and took out all the broke and "babyish" toys.

Sigh.... don't blink they grow so fast.


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