Wednesday, September 7

The Best Of (Part 3 of 10)

So far on the list we have had 1) The Arms Reach Co-Sleeper and 2) The Woombie.... and now tonight I present you with #3 (aren't you lucky???)....

Drum roll please....

And #3 is the "nursing tank".  Specifically the nursing tanks that Target sells.  If you plan on nursing for any period of time a nursing tank is a must have for your new mom wardrobe.  The simplicity of being able to unclasp your top and offer you baby a meal is key in trying to balance it all.  Not to mention they are cute (I've had several compliments on mine), and versatile (you can wear them under a number of things as the weather gets cooler).   Now granted they don't have to be the Target brand.  But at $16 each, how can you go wrong?

Full Disclosure: I was not paid or offered product for this review.  Views are solely my own.


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