Monday, September 5

Things I've Been Meaning To Do (September)

It's that time of month again.... it's Lazy Mom's "Things I've Been Meaning to Do".  You can find her list here.

And now, onto my list.... wish me luck, I didn't pretty terrible last month.

1) Develop these single use cameras from our wedding.  It's only been like a year and a half... so why not finally get it done now, right?

2) Start filling in this Family Tree / Family Album.  I bought it at least 4 months ago.

3) Tidy up the coat rack area.  If this doesn't get under control soon we'll never have room for the dreaded winter gear.

4) Put pictures in this frame.  I have them (OK, I am short one and that's why this isn't done).

5) Go around to each room and make a list of what that room needs.  Example: new wash paper basket for Turkey's room.  His got crushed some how... I am not asking questions.  See I got this handy-dandy notebook out to do this job with.  That's progress, right????


Stacey said...

Haha! Great post! Loved your list of things. They made me smile. Yes and Amen to your coat area. I've got the same thing on my to do list! Thanks for linking up!

The Lazy Mom

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