Monday, August 8

The Best Of (Part 2 of 10)

A few days (er, weeks ago) I started a "The Best of Baby Stuff According to Me"; it's designed to be a top ten list of things I LOVE and feel I couldn't live without for baby-rearing.

When we all know, really all you need is diapers (of your choice), food (of your choice) and patience... lots and lots of patience.  

In my previous post I named the Arms' Reach Co-Sleeper #1 on my list.

And now tonight... without further ado....drum roll please....

My #2 baby item is: The Woombie.

Monkey modeling his Woombie (in his co-sleeper).

My friend, Devin, over on "Devin is a Girl" recommended the Woombie to me months ago, back when Monkey was first starting to be a mini-Houdini and getting out of his swaddles.  Maybe it was because I didn't want to wait for it be shipped to me (that was before I knew I could get them locally, well sort of locally); maybe it was because I didn't want to spend the nearly $30 on it (I've mentioned it before I am thrifty).  So I kept going out and buying bigger and bigger Velcro-closure swaddler blankets.  And he kept escaping from those.  I should have listened to Devin sooner.  

We tried the miracle blanket a friend gave me, we tried swaddling the old fashioned way (with receiving blankets and with muslin ones), we tried to see if Monkey was ready to sleep un-swaddled (but he wasn't).    Over and over we went back to the Velcro-closure swaddlers, and then after he managed to get it wrapped around his neck the 2nd time, we ordered the Woombie (in Big Baby Size, Pineapple color).  After some drama, it finally arrived - and we have not looked back since then.

The Woombie is everything we could hope for and look for in a swaddler; and in this family my babies need to be swaddled.  Dr. Harvy Karp, the author of "The Happiest" series has his 5 S's for calming babies: swaddle, sushing, swinging, sucking, and side/stomach.  Swaddling is needed for a reason people... and we love The Woombie for swaddling.


Devin said...

This is my #1! We have 2 newborn (a houdini for in the beginning and an original for a little later), and 2 big babies (a summer and a convertible leggies) and I don't think we could have survived without them. My #1 recommendation!

Jess said...

lol, I didn't have this either! hmm, maybe I'm doing something wrong :)

EricaG said...

We've never really swaddled our kiddos (just in the hospital), but this is really interesting!

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