Monday, August 15

6 Months Down...

... a lifetime of memories to go.
6 Months

Monkey turned 6 months today (well technically in a few more hours).  The time has flown by, yet stood still at the same time.

This is where he's at:
Size 9 month clothing fits best
I'm not sure of his exact height and weight, as his appointment isn't for another week plus
He wears cloth diapers and his daddy and I love finding new cute ones for him
When he wears disposable he wears size 3, but we'll be buying 4s next
Playing in his Jumperoo is one of his favorite things to do
The rougher you play the more he likes it
Which is good since Big Brother loves to play with him
He has been exclusively breastfeed
Until today, we slowly started the weaning process; he had his first solids this evening
He has been sleeping in our room, in the co-sleeper, since he was born
Until today, he started taking naps in his crib in his room
We know he can sleep 12+ hours, but he chooses not to
Still no teeth
He does not like being on his belly
But he LOVES to sit and stand
I predict he will walk before crawling
Some of his favorite toys are: Sophie, Baby Dee and his car keys

Just born

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months


EricaG said...

Adorable!!!! He has grown so much.

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