Tuesday, August 30

Food Glorious Food

(I wrote this blog post last night, and I have had scenes from Oliver! in my head since the; thanks for this posting.)

When Monkey turned 6 months we slowly started the weaning process and introduced solids into his diet.  We are doing what is called "Baby Lead Weaning".  If you want a generic description you can check here on Wikipedia.   Basically you let baby feed themselves table food, Monkey insists on using a spoon.  Sometimes he can get it out of his bowl himself, most times he can't (we need to get him a lower sided plate); but he still insists on using a spoon, unless say it's corn on the cob or such.

We started with oatmeal (one of mine and Turkey's favorites) unflavored.

And since then he's had:

Corn on the Cob (along with frozen nectarines in his mesh bag - those things are great for teething)


and Cottage Cheese.

And he's also had cream of wheat (yum!!!), peaches, and green beans (which he likes raw, but not cooked; just like his dad), cantaloupe, Cheerios, mashed potatoes, creamy-ranch cucumbers, acorn squash and avocado (man, was that messy).

He gets very excited when he eats and sticks his arms and legs out straight and grunts and shakes as he waits for the food to get to his tray, or if he looses his spoon (he loves his spoon, it is the  funniest thing; especially considering he won't hold his own cup).

To Monkey food is a wonderful thing, he loves it.  I am so glad we waited till he was 6 months old; as he was ready for solids at that time, very ready.  He knew what food was for and that he wanted it.  And like his big brother, he is proving to be a very good and adventurous eater.


Jess said...

so cool to see such a little person eating like a big person, it must make meal time last so much longer

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