Sunday, August 7

In Honor of WBW

Today is the last day of The World Breastfeeding Week; so in honor of this event here are some pictures of Monkey and I doing just that - breastfeeding (and a few related topic ones).

Just born and trying to figure it out.

Getting more comfortable with breastfeeding at the hospital.

At home snoozing (both of us) after Monkey nursing.

Yum!!  Monkey's Easter dinner.

Why yes, this is a picture of the circus. We nursed several times during the show. 

A weeks worth of pumped milk, some 40 ounces.

Nursing while strawberry picking.

I love this shirt.

Love this shirt even more: it says "I eat at mom's"


justadrienne said...

What a great post, Kate! Monkey is getting so big! I LOVE his big brown eyes, what a cutie! Thanks for sharing, I love the Strawberry picking one, too, so sweet and gorgeous.

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