Tuesday, August 30

Playing the Game

I have come to realize in the last few days (how I didn't realize this sooner is beyond me), but the best way to get Turkey to do what needs to be done is to "play the game".

Take for example cleaning up before bed.  I tried check lists, posted lists by the sink, reward systems, picture charts, punishment; you name it I tried it and I could barely get him to brush his teeth.  The other day I told him to go upstairs and "get ready for inspection".  Now I tell him "inspection time" and he springs to action.  He washes his face, he washes his hands and forearms (and he actually uses soap), he washes his feet, he brushes his teeth, and combs down his hair with water.  And then stands at attention and shows me what good work he's done.  It amazing!!!

Why didn't I think of this sooner?  For years, we've been racing to see who can get dressed first.

To get him to finish eating his dinner, I tell him to pretend he's Adam Richman (Man V. Food, he loves that show); and his plate gets cleared.

When I need to scrub behind his ears I tell him to pretend he's a cat (he loves cats and they love getting scratched behind the ears).

It's all about the game, and how I can play it better than he can.


Rebecca said...

I think I might borrow that Adam Richman game! I never thought about that to get Mr. Lives-on-air to eat! You are brilliant!!

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