Monday, August 22

Butt Fluff Review: bunnie4

This is a Butt Fluff Review of the AIO (all in one*) cloth diaper I bought from bunnie4 on

  • * It's an AIO - which means it should have everything you need to keep baby dry all in one diaper, no need for covers, or additional stuffing (unless you want it).
  • The Velcro closure is super strong... this is some grippy stuff
  • The Velcro has pockets to turn them into for washing (this prevents it from sticking to itself or other things in the wash).
  • The fleece lining is super soft and quick drying
  • The PUL layer is great at keeping the cover dry.
  • It fits great.
  • It came with an additional liner.
  • It was a great price: $11, plus shipping.
  • I didn't get a confirmation from the seller that she received my order and my payment, and when I e-mailed her she was a little short with me.
  • It's a custom, which means you need to wait to get it.  But it IS well worth the wait.
  • The Velcro strip is very wide and stiff, which gives the diaper a "sumo wrestler" feel to it.

Oh and if you are wondering, this is one of the MIA diapers I posted about earlier.

I was not paid to write this review, all opinions are my own.


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