Friday, August 19


I have a few baby items missing, and it's driving me nutty. And it doesn't help that I am pretty certain they are lost in my house.  My house isn't even that big (1,500 square feet, less the basement and attic... 3,000 if you include them but I KNOW they are not in the attic).

The missing items: two cloth diapers, one of which is the new monster one; and a bottle, the good big Avent bottle.  Ggggggrrrrrr!!!

Worst of all these items are missing in their dirty forms; both diapers had pee in them and the bottle had (at one point) breastmilk in it.  You would think that after a few weeks month these items would have started smelling and I would have found them... but NO they are still MIA.

Perhaps there are mean little baby item elves living in my house?


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