Sunday, August 28

The Bridge of Flowers

One of our favorite day trips is to visit the Mohawk Trail in north western MA.  We have several places we make it a point to stop at yearly (well, we didn't go last year because we simply ran out of "good weather" weekends to go).  We were planning on going this year in late September.  But now that Irene has left the area I think our plans may be altered; as one of our favorite spots is now under water.

This favorite spot I speak of is The Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls.  We love spending time in Shelburne Falls and Buckland (on the other side of the Deerfield River).  We love the Trolley Museum, watching the glass blowers work, eating fresh made ice cream, and visiting the glacial pot-holes (plus a little shopping).  

Here are a few pictures from our last visit in 2009.

Turkey with cotton candy the size of his head.

Watching the glass blowers at work.  They really make some amazing stuff.

Glacial potholes.

Turkey checking out the top of the car.

He's too cool for his job.

Bridge of Flowers.

Turkey stopping to smell the flowers.

And another.
  If you want to see what Irene has done to this beautiful and tranquil place, then check out the video posted by our local news station here.


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