Thursday, August 25

Dear Irene,

I heard you were coming for a visit this weekend.  And while I know your visit has been planned for the last week or I suppose I have been in denial.; so please excuse my last minute request.  Please change your plans; we do not wish to have your company this weekend.

You see it is the last weekend of summer before Labor Day and we had been hoping to spend one day at the beach and the other day doing some shopping.  Clearly we would not want to go the beach while you are visiting. And ugh, it's such a pain to run in and out of stores and to the car with a baby in tow while you are around.

Perhaps a nice visit on, say, Monday instead?  I can work from home, you can do your think while my family and I stay inside all nice and dry and warm.

So what do you say?  Will you think about it?



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