Wednesday, August 24

6 Month Spray

Monkey had his 6 month well baby visit at the pediatrician today; and it went wonderful.

He is now 17 lbs. even (45%) and 28 inches (90+%).  He's following his growth curve wonderfully.  He is a full inch taller than his big brother at this age, although their weights are almost the same.  He got 3 shots and a drink vaccine.  He took his shots like a champion, not crying till the second one, and then calmed right down when I nursed him (another wonderful reason to nurse your baby if you can).

His doctor was pleased with how well he was sitting and standing, and told me not to worry about him not rolling much or scooting. Some babies (like his brother) do these things late, and others skip scooting and crawling all together.  She was also very happy that we were still breastfeeding and was OK with our solids feeding plan (a cross between Baby Lead Weaning and purees that are not really purees aka, mashed up table food).

He goes back at 9 months at which time Monkey will also join us for their flu shots.  (I am hoping Monkey sees what a tough guy his baby brother is for shots and doesn't have a freak-out attack.)  

And since the weather was so nice and I didn't have to work until 1pm, we went to the spray park to play.  It was a blast.  I'm glad we got to enjoy the weather before the hurricane comes.

Monkey checking out the fountain.

My boys posing for a quick picture.

Run Turkey run.

He really loved the water.

More running.

Getting into the swing of things.

Climb Turkey climb.

One last splash before leaving.


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