Monday, August 1

Things I've Been Meaning to Do (August)

First - August????!!!!  Really???!!!!

OK, now onto TIBMTD August edition, as brought to you by "I'm a Lazy Mom" blog.

Oh, and sorry no pics this month.  I'm feeling lazy tonight.

1) Wash my car.  I mean REALLY wash my car (read: take to care wash and have them do the windows inside and out as well); and not just let Turkey wash it.

2) Put weed paper down and mulch over the front "garden".

3) Get Monkey's footprints.

4) Send a note to the White House and get a "congrats on your birth card" for Monkey.

5) Get Turkey a new mattress.  We're having a tax free shopping in my state this month; so this may actually happen.


Stacey said...

Aw, yes. I remember the footprints thing. I tried to keep up with those myself. Not sure how I did with the third child!

Thanks for linking up!
The Lazy Mom

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