Sunday, July 31

So You're Seven & a Half

Dear Turkey,

So you're seven and a half today, wow time flies.  Today we celebrated with Chinese (you're pick) for dinner with Ney-Ney and a new Lego set (Star Wars).  And I am sorry to say, that despite your requests, we will not be celebrating your three-quarter birthday; and I still do not think seven and three-quarters is a good age for you to get a BB gun.  

You are 52.5-inches tall and around 80 pounds.  This height allows you to go on the "adult" rides at fairs and carnivals, without an adult.  Sigh, you are getting so big.  

Your favorite thing to play with is Legos, Legos, and more Legos.  Video games come in second.  Followed by your Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion Game and air-hockey.  Sometimes you like to dress up in goofy costumes and pretend you're a ninja.  It cracks me up when you do this.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid are your favorite books to read.  You LOVE to swim and we would go to the town beach every day if it was up to you.  

You still love to watch Scooby Doo (new and old) and you like "Adventure-Time" and "The Adventures of Gumball" (both of which I find funny as well).  

In September you will start second grade.  You are a Wolf Scout and really enjoy cub scouts.  You keep telling me you "want to go all the way and become an Eagle Scout".  That's a good goal my son, I wish you the best on it.

You have two best-friends.  S who lives down the street and is in the grade ahead of you and E who lives too far away but you have known for seven years.

You have been though a lot in the first seven and a half years, and I truly hope the next seven and a have (goodness that will make you 15); will be easier and happier.  That being said you are a very happy kid; and people love having you around.  It is often said you have "an old son".  

This picture of you from just the other day, you were some sort of ninja.  I plan on keeping this as black-mail for when you are a teenager (sorry, but it needs to be done). 

OK, maybe you weren't a ninja in this picture, I think you are holding a "laser" gun you made out of Legos. Either way, it's a funny picture.

I love you very much and can and can't wait for you to turn eight.


Your Mom (or Mom-a-lees as you like to call me)


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