Friday, July 22

Children, Happiness & Family Found

I have always found comfort and strength in my children during hard times.  That is not to say I lean on them for  moral support, but rather just their being, their smiles; have a way of lifting my spirits.  Apparently this is not just true for me... I think in general children have the ability to make people happier.  Nana, in her 90+ years of wisdom; has always told me Turkey was her vitamin; he is was keeps her going.

Last Saturday when we said our final farewells to my step-father, R, I witnessed the miracle of happiness children can bring.

I hadn't seen or spoken to R's family, in particular his mom and step-dad since R and my mom got married.  They simply don't live around here and their wedding was the first time we met.  Well when we walked into the funeral home with Monkey and Turkey they wanted to know about the boys.  Then R's mom took Monkey into her arms and proclaimed "my newest grandson" and her husband pointed out that he was her "newest great-grandson"; and with that Monkey took his place on their laps for a large part of the calling hours.  They introduced him to family and friends that came to pay their respects; and they were constantly asking about and checking on Turkey.  It was certainly a very dark and hard day, but to see the smiles that Monkey brought to them, and to watch them and my mom hold his little hands; I was in awe of the happiness he brought to others.  Like I tell him when he wakes up from his naps he "was all smiles and sunshine".

At the end of the day we promised to send pictures of the boys and keep them up to date with how they are doing; and as I put the finishing touches on a package to send to them I have a feeling of family found.  While I can never bring my step-father back I am happy and thankful to have his family in my life.


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