Wednesday, July 6

A Walk At Night

This story took place almost 2 years ago, Turkey was 5.

It was around 10:30 at night, I had just checked on Turkey (who was sleeping was sleeping in his bed in his room across the hall from our bedroom) and had settled in to watch TV in the bedroom while Husband showered.  

While watching TV I heard a child screaming, and chalked it up to the "neighbor's" kids being out too late.  But then the screaming kept coming, I turned the TV down a few times to listen to it.  Never once thinking it was Turkey as I just checked on him and he was sleeping, in bed.  

Husband comes flying into the bedroom, "Turkey is outside in the car."  (He had looked out the bathroom window which faces the driveway), and we fly downstairs and outside.  Sure enough, there was Turkey, sitting in his carseat in my car; screaming his fool head off.  Apparently he had been sleep walking up woke up in the car.  He was out of sorts, and clearly shaken (for good reason).  

Sleepwalking is scary (for the parent, the child usually sleeps through it), especially scary when your child walks outside, even more scary when you live by a river, and even more scary when you know darn well no one does the posted 20 mph when driving by your house.  

We talked to his pediatrician, we did research, we booby trapped his room, we booby trapped the house.  It wasn't his first sleep walking experience (typically just out of his room and to the living room), and it wasn't his last... but knock on it's been a long time since he's sleepwalked.  


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