Friday, July 1

Butt Fluff

I was very blessed at my baby shower for Monkey, along with the many wonderful gifts we also received a HUGE stash of (disposable) diapers.  After Monkey came along friends and relatives brought us more diapers.  We received sizes newborn through two, and did not have to buy a single diaper for the first three months.

Then my dearest friend, M, came over and lent me her stash of cloth diapers, sizes medium and large.  So we were able to pick-up cloth diapering right where the disposable diapers ended.  It was perfect.  We still use disposables at night, but at age 4.5 months we've spent less than $50 on diapers.  How sweet is that?

Originally the plan was to use G-Diapers with the bio-degradable liners; after we ran out of disposables, but the cloth diapering has been way easier than we anticipated.  And with that I figured it was time to start building up our own stash of cloth diapers.    So today, I bought my first cloth diaper.  Picked it up off  It was a great price (some of those brand name cloth diapers are truly expensive), and it was being made and shipped in the US (you can find in-expensive cloth diapers if you order from China).  AND it's an AIO (All-In-One), which I am very excited to use.

While I am grateful for the diaper's M gave me, it's apparent that there have been a number of cloth diaper innovations in that last 7 years, and I'm excited to see how this diaper compares (and it will be tough, as her diapers work great).

Cute little space robots.
Monkey is going to be so cute (and dry).


Liz said...

Cute fluff!! Once you buy the first one...


By: Kate Nadeau said...

Yup... already bought the second one...

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