Monday, July 18

Box, Fan, But Not a Boxfan

Turkey has these giant boxes he likes to build forts with.  These things are HUGE, easily taller than him and typically live in our attic.

Today we were home for a bit in the afternoon and out came the boxes... since it was the 3Hs today (hazy, hot and humid) and we only have AC units in the bedroom, I had fans in the living room where he was building.  At dinner time I asked him to pick up the boxes as we were going to eat in there (it was cooler than the kitchen).  Upon assessing his cleaning I noted he had one box left out.  This is the actual, OK to the best of my recollection, conversation that followed:

Me: I see you forgot a box.  Do you need help with it?
Turkey: No.
Me: OK, please pick it up then.
Turkey: I can't.
Me: Do you need help with the box?
Turkey: No.
Me: Why don't you pick it up then?
Turkey: Because you have a fan on top of it.
Me: So you do need help with the box.
Turkey: No, I need help with the fan.

In case you are wondering, I moved the fan and he moved the box.


Devin said...

Well, he was right ...

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